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2000 3G v6 24valves 5speed


Hello I'm steven and I'm new to mitsubishi and to the manual transmission operations
I had bought the car at the beginning of 2020 with the stimulus check I figured I deserved it
it ran good for about 30 days and shit on me since then
The pros
payed 800
one car owner
14,000$ in receipts
stock everything

The cons
problems in less then 30 days
330,000 miles on stock everything
P0300 Random misfire
backfires smells like gas
hesitation from stop
caused clutch slippage
payed someone to fix it got screwed
Story time
So I went and bout the car the guy was in his late 40s and didn't want to sell it the wife was making him but he gave me a test drive and he was not easy he drove like he was dragging the strip showed me the receipts and went over everything about this car so I drove it3 HRs home got it out and dove it maby 10 times and my buddy decided he was gonna joy ride it with me following in my civic and he was running verry high rpms finally when he parked it the car was just starting to get hot when I went to leave the cars rpm jumped and then died so i gave it a lil gas and it was okay just idling high then low and from here on it gets worse bc my everyday car went down so i had to drive this one for a week and it was doo able just had to have high rpms to do anything normally and by the end of the week well 6 days in I went and started it and the clutch wouldn't engage so I payed a mechanic 650$ to rebuild the engine and transmission well by the time hes got the trans out he goes to jail for dui and the shop makes me come get the car so it's now my problem​

I got it with a big tubs of bolts poorly labeled and the trans out of the car so I clean the bell housing everything looked good try taking flywheel off and see one of the bolts are rounded so I hand sanded the flywheel with 600grit and got the new clutch and pressure plate on and when I was trying to get the trans back in the cv axles dumped fluid everywhere kinda light clear brown and idk what to do from here point me



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