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Hey all, i had so much trouble getting my Dvd player going in my car. I did hours of searching how so I'm just starting a thread for the Mitah Adapter and wiring harness.

Here's the link to the stuff. Metra 70-7003 Radio Wiring Harness for Mitsubishi Amp Integr: Car Electronics

It works for many Mitsubishi cars that have that pesky infinity amp. Oh man, it was so worth the wait to get my system going.

It includes the Mitah Adapter that will change that big barrel cable (The infinity amp cable which connects your speakers) into 4 male RCA cables. (Make sure your deck has 4 RCA inputs. If not, look for 2 RCA adapters to convert the 2 pairs into 1)

It also includes a 4 - Pin wiring harness with 4 pre-stripped wires. So the installation of an aftermarket HU will be a breeze.
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