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Moscow Tuning Days - May, 17th

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All greetings! On May, 17th in Moscow there have passed next Tuning Days... Here meeting photos:

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Looks like it was a fine time. Russian girls are cute. :agreed:
what the hell is that black/grey car???
That's a LADA- Russian "native" pride:)
Russians love building one of these crappy- car-like- somethings.
It's really easy to get parts for it and tune it. They sometimes show pretty good results at 1/4 though.
Pictures are great and there are some awesome cars, not into bikes or 4 wheel things!
Great audience, here, hardly anybody shows up and thats whether its a road race, drifting or autocross!
Great Pictures- the tuning scene looks pretty strong over there.
At us there has already passed more scale GT-festival - Arena Drive. I already do a selection of photos ;)
Nice pictures, looks like a good time.

I like this one best though
:agreed: Russian girls are hot! not cute.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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