Hi all,

I had an eclipse for a long time but had no time to get it back up and running... so I pulled some of the newer parts off of it before I sold it. All prices are shipped & PayPal'd. Since I had to put down prices for everything quickly to get this up, I might slightly adjust them.

I have the following:

Denso Alternator (reman'd) - $100
Compressor (installed but never used/charged/etc.) - $140 SOLD
Condensor (never installed) - $100
Headlights - $140
Taillights - $80
Distributor (installed briefly but removed after realizing it wasn't the problem) - $140
Thermostat (OEM) - $30
Wheel Bearing - $30
Kenwood head unit and Nav system - $100
Viper security system - $150
Transmission prothane mounts -$40
Electrical wiring Electronic device Cable Wire Electrical supply

Yellow Gas Audio equipment Electronic device Machine

Office equipment Gas Office supplies Electronic instrument Audio equipment