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Recap of events (updated accordingly):
Nov '14 - purchased car stock with seized engine
Nov '14 - swapped in non-MIVEC 6G75 engine
Dec '14 - dyno'ed 222hp/236tq
Apr '15 - ran my first 14sec pass (14.2 @ 90)
July '15 - converted to AWD
Aug '15 - Vortech supercharger
Sep '15 - ran my first 13sec pass (13.1 @ 103)
Nov '15 - FrozenBoost water to air intercooler setup
Feb '16 - dyno'ed 301hp/301tq
Mar '16 - removed supercharger and turbo'd
Apr '16 - dyno'ed 370hp/410tq
May '16 - ran new best pass (12.1 @ 114)
Sep '16 - blew up stock engine #1
Oct '16 - ran my first 11sec pass (11.7 @ 117)
Nov '16 - blew up stock engine #2
Apr '17 - swapped in built MIVEC 6G75 engine
Jun '17 - ran new best pass (11.2 @ 128)
July '17 - bearing failure in trans
Sep '17 - rebuilt trans, new turbo kit, larger turbo
Nov '17 - dyno'ed 713hp/668tq
Jun '18 - ran new best pass (10.9 @ 138)
July '18 - rod bearing failure
Aug '18 - rebuilt trans, new turbo kit
Sep '18 - ran new best pass (10.6 @ 138)
Sep '18 - dyno'ed 789hp/767tq
Apr '19 - new turbo kit, larger turbo
Aug '19 - rebuilt trans, changed 3.73FD to 4.31FD
Oct '19 - back to 3.73FD, ran new best trap speed (139)

The current mod list as of 9/25/20 that's updated as it progresses.

MIVEC 6G75 swap
JE 1mm over pistons
3SX rods w/ ARP2000 bolts
King rod bearings
King main bearings
ARP main studs
Copper o-ringed block
H13 1/2" head studs
ARP insert washers
Mild port heads and resized bowls
Pampena Motorsports head-lift fix
Stock head gaskets
Comp Cams valve springs
Chromoly valve spring locators
GSC valve stem seals
Web Cams hard weld cams
Fidanza cam gears
S90 70mm Evo 8 throttle body
Prothane side engine mounts
Billet front and rear roll stops
Billet crossmember bushings
EVAP/EGR/Cats/O2 sensors deleted
Custom oil catch can (dual 8AN inlets, baffled, vented)
Mishimoto full-size radiator w/ stock fans
Stainless 1qt coolant reservoir w/ 4AN inlet

BorgWarner S372SXE 72/73
Treadstone TR1245 4.5" intercooler
Dual Tial MVR44 wastegates
Synapse Synchronic BOV
Aluminum 2.5" intercooler piping
Mishimoto couplers and T-bolt clamps
3AN oil feed/12AN oil drain
Equal length ss tubular manifolds and merge w/ ss vbands
3" ss vband downpipe
All back-purged TIG welds

AWD conversion
Custom Endeavor/9G Galant auto trans
Billet accumulators w/ dual seals
Higher rate accumulator springs
Raybestos stage 1 friction discs
New seals and steel plates
Oversized pressure and reaction plates
Modified valve body (ported restrictors and higher line pressure)
Precision 600hp converter
30 row trans cooler
7" trans cooler fan
6AN cooler lines

Transfer Case:
Evo 6 transfer case
MFactory Evo 4-6 front helical LSD
Evo 8 front axles and stub shafts
Mitsu SAE 90 LSD gear oil

GSX diff housing
MFactory Evo 7-9 rear helical LSD
Evo 8/GSX rear axles
Custom 2 piece driveshaft
Frontline Fabrication billet diff cover
Split Motorsports billet diff bushings

GSX Full Blown double pumper
Walbro 525 pump
8awg leads to fuel pump(s)
Dual 6AN feed/6AN return
6AN 100micron fuel filters (one per rail)
75 fuel rail with 6AN fittings
Aeromotive A1000 fpr
FIC 1650cc injectors
MSD 6AL module, tach adapter, window switch, and Blaster SS coil
NGK plugs and wires
GM 3" MAF and MAF Translator
Dual ecu setup and big maps
Tactrix 2.0

Bride front seats
Stratus RT brushed nickel center console
Stratus RT brushed nickel door panels
Autopower 4pt roll cage
AEM TruBoost gauge
AEM AFR gauge
AEM oil pressure gauge
AEM coolant temp gauge
Prosport IAT gauge
Prosport fuel pressure gauge
Prosport trans temp gauge
Glowshift triple gauge pillar pod
LED interior lights (cluster, hvac controller, clock pod, mirror, glove box)
Mitsubishi navigation radio
Plate mounted backup camera
Kicker 6.5's and 6x9s
Kicker 500.1 amplifier
Sundown SA-8v2 subwoofer
Fuse box relocated under dash
Battery relocated to trunk
Jegs push-off killswitch
Moroso sealed battery box
T-Spec fused distribution block
XS Power lightweight AGM battery

Depo Euro projector headlight housings
Depo front and rear turn signal housings
TYC gen 2 tail light housings
LED low and high beam bulbs
LED brake, turn, and reverse bulbs
Redline Tuning hood struts

K Sport Kontrol coil overs
ES front lower control arm bushings
Moog rear camber adjustment kits
ES rear knuckle and upper control arm bushings
Torque Solution rear subframe bushings
Megan Racing rear toe arms

Brakes, Wheels, and Tires:
Front Endeavor calipers
Rear Brembo Evo 8 calipers
Apex SS lines
Mitsu DOT4 fluid
PowerStop ceramic pads
PowerStop drilled and slotted rotors
Locking tuner lugs
15mm rear wheel spacers
17x9 +35 Enkei RPF1 wheels
Nitto NT05R 275/40R17 tires

Weight Reduction:
Fog lights removed
56lbs of padding and insulation removed
AC compressor, bracket, lines, condenser, and evap core removed
Spare tire, jack, tools, and trunk brackets removed
Stock battery tray and bracket removed
Exhaust hangers, brackets, and heat shields removed
Washer fluid reservoir and pump removed
Core support bumper brackets removed
Fuse box bracket and stock engine grounding bracket removed
PS rack heat shield removed
Cruise control box removed
Hood bracing removed
Front crash bar removed
Front sway bar/links removed

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I haven't been keeping up with this thread so it's time I check back in. A lot has changed since my last update. Off the top of my head:

- Evo 8 560 injectors
- Tuned on e85
- ES LCA bushings
- MB Weapon rims
- Cooper RS3-s tires

I dyno'ed in late December @ 222whp/236wtq on pump gas and ran a 1/4mi of [email protected] I'm working on a 3g project that's a bit more exciting now.. pics on their way!

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Lots of updates and awd swap pics. I hope they clear up some of the confusion that's been cast over the swap as I've only seen one other successful v6 awd swap on the forums.

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Were you able to play with the shift maps on this thing?
Shift maps? I have yet to see any sort of transmission tables defined in an auto rom. If you know of some then please point me in the direction of them asap!

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Boost is here!! Make sure you check out the updates. I cleaned up the thread a bit and its a little easier to follow now. The supercharger piping and pulley setup has changed so new pics will be added soon. I'm also waiting on a BOV with recirc. Stay tuned!

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The new GReddy Type-Rz BOV is in and works great.

I made it out to the track this last weekend to see where I'm at and have some exciting times!

This was my best pass of the weekend with all the other passes very close in time. I even won a trophy for my class I competed in!

My spring tensioner was maxed out so I had belt slip and was only on 4psi. After some adjustments I was back up to 7psi but then hit fuel cut on the stock GSX pump which led me to cutting out my floor to install this...

I also installed my fancy new Mishimoto radiator.


Stage 1 SDS @11+ psi
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Wow! Fantastic time. I'd kill for that 60'.

Stage 1 SDS @11+ psi
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Post that slip in the 1/4 drag forum! ?
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