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My 03 GT coupe nicknamed "Luna"

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So I got my Eclipse about a year ago after my last car got t-boned. Been slowing adding bits of performance here and there and doing what my group likes to call "OEM Plus". Basically taking OEM parts off of other cars to improve ours.
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Engine: I wanted to keep it simple enginewise.
I built a custom intake that draws directly from the front left fog light (it was cracked anyways) through a passthrough k&n Apollo filter. Keeps intake temps close to ambient.
Other than that just a third cat and muffler delete with a stainless bros resonator and muffler.
A stage 2 kevlar clutch(eventually plan on going boosted)
Polyurethane motor mounts/trans mounts
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Suspension: Coilovers, rear DC strut bar, complete polyurethane bushing replacement front and rear all around.

Brakes: Actually had some fun with this and took get some endeavor front calipers, rotors, and pads. They bolt right up and are two piston with bigger rotors. Way more stopping power.

Interior: 4G seats, short throw shifter, touch screen display, polyurethane shifter bushings,
Likewise shift knob. Nrg detachable steering wheel and hub.

Exterior: Verus engineering Carbon Polyweave Adjustable Front Splitter, clear front and rear turn signals housings, two tone pain job, aftermarket headlights and tail lights.

I daily drive and backroad this car. There's a road here in Austin called lime creek that we all test our cars at and I've slowly been improving my car here and there and she's been getting faster and faster. Plan is eventually to boost it, and put wider wheels and tires on.

If you want to see more pictures check out my Instagram: Lunar_Eclipse_3G
I'll try and post more pictures here.
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Any modifications required to put the 4g seats in a 3g? considering doing this myself.
You'll have to drill at least two new mounting holes to bolt it up to. Make sure to seal it afterwards. But way better bolstering the the stock 3g seats
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Can we talk about the packet of rice on the seat though?? Also, my Spyder looks almost identical to yours! Mine wasn't treated as nicely before getting to me though :/ mine's automatic/slap shift, unfortunately. I'd prefer manual. I love the name you picked for yours. I call mine Brat 🤣
Hey don't judge my work lunch 😅. Wish I had a Spyder.
How are you liking the poly motor and trans mounts? My stock mounts are completely shot and already kinda vibrate the cabin at idle, so I was wondering if I should put new stock mounts in or get the polys for daily driving comfort.
Also I like the nickname, mine is called Clippy ;)
For daily driving I would stick with stock mounts. The polyurethane definitely cause more vibration. But the response is definitely quicker and for a manual car that makes a decent difference. Then again I'm on coils and lowered so I already had vibration.

Also nice. Clippy is a good one.
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