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My '05 Outback Daily Driver

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So I got a great deal on an excellent condition '05 Subaru Outback 2.5XT 5-Speed Manual of course.

Now I can work on my Eclipse, and start looking at some engine work in the next year or two.

Of course I have some plans for the outback now as well.

My immediate plans are to install an Infamous Performance direct feed oil line for the turbo. Find a good bike rack that I like for the top. Get the hitch done. Then in the future upgrade the turbo and other bits, new wheels, improve the suspension. I'll pretty this section up later.

Kinda funny, this car is actually a good bit faster than Eclipse, just doesn't have the handling capabilities of course.
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Nice Subaru. It will do quite some good when winter comes around, and I should know
I used to live in East Stroudsburg. Of course its faster it's turbo and AWD :p
So I installed the Infamous Performance Direct Oil Feed line for the ACVS from the heads and to the turbo. Burped the coolant system then went for a testdrive. There was some smoke and I had assumed it was just coolant burning off, pulled into my driveway and the car was on fire. Doesn't seem like anything got damaged, just an oil flash fire form an oil leak. I had it towed back to the shop who put on the newer turbo to check the install and tighten anything up.
Damn that's sucks:(
What was leaking?
Damn that's sucks:(
What was leaking?
Got confirmation it was a leak in front coming out of the AVCS line. The shop's going to torque everything and reroute the line like I wanted it to be in the first place. The big pain though is having them clean all of the old oil residue now.
Well at least there fixing it. Let us know how it goes, and hopefully
your car isn't going to be a ticking time bomb this time.
Found out it was partially my fault. Everything is good now though, picking it up at lunch. They fixed everything and I had them do a couple other things. One day I'll buy a new car with a warranty instead of a used car so I don't have to throw money at it for a month. I have a month to get my financial situation in-line again. I'll be fine, steady job and few good contracts coming in for my web business.
Glad to hear everything going well so far. Could of been a hell of a lot worse :sweat:
Did you pick it up? How is it holding up?
Glad to hear everything going well so far. Could of been a hell of a lot worse :sweat:
Did you pick it up? How is it holding up?
Picked it up yesterday and have driven it about 120 miles since. There's still the occasional burning smell like they said would happen. Just have to burn off the stuff that couldn't get cleaned off, but no leaks and no fire. I might make a random highway trip tomorrow and hopefully burn off everything that's left.
Have fun on the road trip. Let us know how it goes.
Wow it's been a while.

Just washed and waxed the other day

She's been running well, have had a few suspension issues that needed replacing but is coming along slowly. Nothing out of the ordinary for 119k miles. Was sad I didn't have much of a chance to go offroading yet. I did drive through some nice deep snow though, that was fun :lol:

Actually considering trading in for a newer style White Outback with the CVT transmission. I am not a huge fan of the transition from neutral to first gear in the Sube and with daily commute city traffic it's a bitch. Plus the newer CVT transmissions has some other goodies I am interested in.
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Well that was fast :lol:
Lol yeah, if it does happen it probably won't happen until August though. So depending on how much work I do to the Sube between now and then will determine that.

I have a pending meeting with somebody for a catless up pipe from a 09 WRX, then after I get my Credit settled again and catch up on the maintenance for this and the Eclipse I want to get a front and rear strut bar.

Somewhere in there I will install the new up-pipe and then get a stage 1 tune, and before that get baseline numbers..... maybe I can have a friend drive the Sube at the same time when I was going to go to House of Power to get the Baselines for the Eclipse. I am really interested in what both vehicles are actually putting down at the wheels right now.
So much has happened since I bought this car. The car that's pictured in this post actually got rolled over in August of 2017
Wheel Plant Tire Automotive tire Vehicle

My inspection station let me slide on my very unsafe tires since I was just waiting until September to replace them. Well one week later I regretted that and my tires have never been bad since. I'm actually very overly cautious about it now.

But anyway, I was able to salvage that car back since I had a garage at the time, and I bought pretty much the same exact car, and with some light modifications to the engine we got up to 286 all-wheel horsepower and she was a joy to drive. Through life changes that project remained rather stagnant, and the new car was up to 192k miles on the body and almost as much on the engine. And then in August of this year while we were away my Subaru was in a hit & run:
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Land vehicle

I have nowhere to keep the car if I where to buy her back and fix her up, and so as a result I accepted the total loss settlement after bumping it up from aftermarket parts, and was able to go back and salvage some sellable parts that insurance didn't factor into the costs of the vehicle. I have still yet to find an insurance company that will appropriately value "custom" cars and not cost an arm and a leg.

It was a good run, and I almost just bought a WRX but that ends my time with performance Subaru's for the foreseeable future, will probably purchase a newer Outback or similar as a family car in the future.
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Too bad to hear about the incident. Hope no one was hurt
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