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My 2002 Spyder GS

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Mitsubishi's Take On The Dragon

Ass shot!

July 2011:

More pics to come from a legit camera :ndance:

April 2011:

4 x 4 :(

November 2010:

At the dealer:

Current Mods/Additions:

Lou's Custom Cat-Back exhaust
Moog rear sway bar links and front inner tie rods + bushings
OBX Silicon Radiator Hoses
Rear disc swap
D2 Full Coilover Suspension

Pioneer AVH-3300BT
10" 250 watt Bazooka tube

Smoked black housed 3rd brake light with red LED
Wings west lip with middle painted black
Custom painted trim (door handles, vents, handle caps)
Clockpod and HVAC blue LED conversion
Dome light LED
white cupholder LED's to illuminate drinks (LED's came from Sonar halos)
License Plate LED conversion
Fog Light Mod (comes on with parking lights with killswitch)
LED courtesy lights under door
Black Vinyl bumper lettering inserts
Metallic Silver vinyl steering wheel inserts
Dual Halo Projectors with CCFL rings and black painted chrome with blacked out high beams & red LED backlit projectors, killswitch and auto on with doors open
6000k HID's, lows and fogs
Smoked turns with VLED type 1 switchbacks (w/ load resistors)
Tailight circle mod
Carbon Fiber TYC's
Black Grillecraft grill (thanks to djonts)
Carbon Fiber stubby antenna
New front bumper (Pre-facelift)
Custom grill mounted CCFL halo projector fog lights with 5000k HID's and red LED backlighting
Angel Glow Gauges

Future Mods/Additions:
Enkei RP03's
GT side skirts
Front & Rear Lower Tie Bars
Rear ST sway bear
Front Big Brake Kit

Any comments/reccomendations would be great.
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Alright. So pretty much a stocker, but nonetheless.
Future Mods/Additions:

10" 250 watt Bazooka tube
Gauge cluster blue LED conversion
K&N Short Ram Intake
Bass Reactive LED strips in footwells
License plate hole patch
Red powdercoated calipers
Black powdercoated drum brakes
Dual Halo Projectors
5000k HID's, lows and fogs

Any comments/reccomendations would be great. Sorry about the grain, my light sensor in my camera is busted =(
don't even bother with PCing you drums. you will be happier by just doing a rear disk swap.

and the dual halo projectors? take it from someone that bought them: don't. the halos have barely any illumination, and the quality is kinda shitty. the only way to adjust them, is to take them out of the car.

you should however add: smoked front turns.
you should however add: smoked front turns.

I totally forgot to add them to the list!! I am doing that. And how difficult is the whole disk brake conversion. My girlfriend already bought me the dual halos so we'll see. If I don't like them I can always sell them.
difficulty? can you turn a wrench? use a car jack? take a off a wheel? bleed a brake line? replace a drum shoe? remove (and put back on) a "C" clip?

if you answered yes to those questions, it is easy.
I think I scored a 70%. It's not a fail :p. I do not know how to bleed a brake line, but I'm sure I could learn easily with a little research on google. Using a C clip doesn't seem to difficult. Replacing a pad doesn't seem to difficult either. Just have no first hand experience.
^^ It's really easy and you'll notice a nice improvement overall.
My drums like to resemble a subway coming to a halt sometimes. And I'd loveeee some rear calipers. I love the way they look

there are how to's, and plenty of help. heck, it is kinda self expalnitory, take off drums, put on disk assemblies.
Sounds good. What's a good estimate of costs I'd be looking at, $200 ish? Because I'd put that up last on the "to-do" list. Most expensive mods there would be the intake and the sub. So those come first for me. And I've been looking at some how-to's. This forum is setup so well, I'm new but it's so easy to search and find exactly what you need. I find it funny when everyone gets yelled at to search and they're all like "OMgZ I sEarcHed AnD NuTin WaZ HeLpIN" and then someone else searches and find exactly what they need. Haha.
well, price is REALLY variable. it depends on how cheap you can find the parts. i got the ebrake (drums, but smaller) backing plates and calipers for 80 bucks (junkyard off a 2g talon, i think i got lucky though), then got new disks, and pads, and was good to go. i think it was 150 total.

on the intake, do not get a no name ebay one. i did that, and after 1 year both pounting tabs had broken off, and the couplers were rotting. i just got a nice (used) AEM one for cheap, and while it looks pretty darn close, you can FEEL that the metal is of a higher grade. it seem that is will just last longer.

and for the sub: talk to KEN, he can design you a perfect box, that will leave the most interior space, and still look good.
Clean stocker;)
Haha thanks!

And Scarr, I'm alrady set on the tube. The measurements are literally PERFECT for my trunk, and I've already wired the remote.

And for the intake, I was going for a new K&N.
Lookin good. But DAMN look at the SC400 in those pics, wow whoever owns that is lucky.

No but really bro your car is looking amazing with every mod we do. Keep it coming.
looks good, and the girl completes the pic
looks good, and the girl completes the pic
;) my girlfriend
;) my girlfriend
Whom I've been talking to the past 3 days... about lights. :fawk:
Whom I've been talking to the past 3 days... about lights. :fawk:
I'm glad that's your girlfriend... as I started scrolling through the pics, I was REALLY hoping it wasn't you doing a handstand on the back of your car.
I'm glad that's your girlfriend... as I started scrolling through the pics, I was REALLY hoping it wasn't you doing a handstand on the back of your car.
What if it was?? :ghey:
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