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My 2003 GS Auto

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So I have this gray 2003 Eclipse with the sporty auto in it, It's my daily driver as well as my first car. It's pretty much all stock besides some grippy tires, 00-02 rear blinkers (stock ones were broken and I liked the older model ones) and basic maintenance, although it will need some major work soon. Earliest photo I have of the speedo reads 153,291 miles and that was four months after I got the car, I know I'm well over 180 thousand miles but I'll post the exact amount later when its not almost 1 in the morning. My end goal for this car is to have it drive nice on the street, look decent, be somewhat reliable, and make about 300 on 91 octane fuel once turbocharged and tuned on a standalone... Of course this it long in the future and wont all happen at once. I'll start a "plans" list and a list of current mods and things done. It will not be exact but I'd say generally the list will be in order of priority. I'll post some pics at the bottom of this post.

engine rebuild
suspension overhaul
tranaxle rebuild
quaife lsd
drivetrain maintenance
intake mods
wiring harness/haltech in a dual ecu configuration
head work or head swap
camshaft upgrade/regrind
basic sound system
paint/any body mods

spark plugs
coils plugs and wires
cam position sensor
maf sensor - will replace ignition system and sensors for engine rebuild
intake filter
upper cat delete - temporary until full exhaust setup
religious oil changes
trans fluid cooler
semi routine trans coolant flushes
ball joints
tie rods
brake pads/rotors
brake fluid change
225/50ZR-16 Continental Extremecontact Sport 2s

Just the stock 2.4 SOHC with classic Mitsubishi issues (lifter tick) but its been reliable up until recently, it still runs but not as great as she used to. It started misfiring and burning a little oil and after taking to the shop to get an engine diagnosis it came back with blowby. Since I am planning on going forced induction and reliability I'm going to go with aftermarket forged rods and pistons, get the head redone, possibly do some valvetrain upgrades. Since I am going to be running na for a while and on stock fuel and engine management I am going to keep the camshaft profile stock and keep compression ratio at oem spec. This will require me to get custom pistons made but that will have to wait till the block goes to the machine shop, I do plan on assembling the engine myself. I plan on going with pretty much oem parts except for the rods, pistons, bearings and head studs, everything I will try and find oem or quality replacements for. I have a TD05HR-16G6-10.5T that I plan on using on my setup and want to run around 300-400hp max. I would rather be on the lower end of that spectrum to be honest, for multiple reasons. The Kia head swap is a possibility but I'm kind of stupid and root for the underdog so part of me wants to see how far I can go with the sohc even though its apparently not that far. As far as fuel system goes I'll check cross compatibility with a lot of the Evo 8 stuff and use components from proven brands when the time is right.

I want to stick with the auto because its my daily driver, but I would like some extra reliability and want the ability to properly tune my car so I'm looking into getting my transmission built and installing a dual ecu setup to let the original ecu control the transmission and have the standalone ecu control the engine. Looking into transmission upgrades apparently Level 10 will do F4A42 transmissions even though they do not list it on their rebuild page and their rated power is over my target power so I think it will be a good fit. If I wanna be a wizard I would like to re-flash the oem ecu with custom software to allow me to increase the shift points but I don't like the idea of decoding roms. I would also like to install an lsd into the car because this will be my daily driver but that doesn't mean I'd never enjoy this car on some mountain roads or something like that.

Arguably the roughest thing in the car at the moment, needs coils and bushings bad but I'm holding off because I want to redo everything under the car when I do the coils and bushings. I will most likely get the arms powder coated, new ball joints, tie rods, sway bars and or sway bar bushings/links, wheel bearings, studs, evo or GT/GTS brake swap, brake lines, and BC Racing coilovers.

Interior is pretty rough, the car has 180 something thousand miles and it shows. Passenger footwell carpet decided to move on frim the rest of the carpet, dash is cracked (surprise) and my steering wheel grip peeled like a banana at the top, also my shift knob is lose and its not because the screws aren't tight. But the car doesn't smell and everything works except one of the rear speakers. I would like to get a new dash, replace carpet either source one or use the good carpet out of my other project 3g and upgrade entertainment. A new head unit and speakers with a decent sub would be really nice.

I'll be honest its a salvage title and if you really look at it you can tell, other than that its relatively clean, the car is straight suspension wise, all doors and hatch shuts perfect besides the hatch lock not working when you try and unlock it from the outside. Also the sunroof does not work, I can hear something happen when I press the button but nothing actually happens with the window. As far as body kits don't really know what I would do, probably keep it stock, maybe see how an Evo wing would fit on it or something lol. Probably will get small imperfections cleaned up, the damage is not bad at all and just needs to be tidied up by someone with more skill and incentive than the last body shop, and get it painted probably in a similar color to stock maybe with a bit more of a darker shade.

Various pics of how it sits now:

the essentials
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photo lore: rip to the Chrysler, and the Juke blew a motor before its cvt surprisingly
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