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2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS
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this is a build thread for my 2003 eclipse gs 2.4l 5spd with 134000kms
i got this as my first car about 2 months ago and im pretty happy with my progress so far
Car Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design

i picked up some brand new chrome headers i found on marketplace for a really good price and wrapped them myself which was a terrible experience but they look pretty good in my opinion
Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design

welded the cat back on and added a nice loud muffler so i can wake up the neighbours at 3 am
Automotive parking light Car Automotive side marker light Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle registration plate

new spec d headlights and injen intake
Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Car Vehicle Tire

Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire Car

also picked up some 18” avid1 av06s in silver but am waiting until spring to mount them as i am from bc and the roads are salty lol
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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