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My 2003 GTS!

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I will list some more pics w/ modific. leter.....
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Wheels are huge, are they 19's or 20's!? Either way it looks like ass without a drop. A pro kit or h tech drop would be nice with those big wheels.
........mmmm bright white rims :scratch: looks a little off to me IMO.
I am not liking the wheels to much, maybe some black with a chrome lip and a drop would set it off!
The white wheels do not belong on a black car. White wheels only work on a blue car and it takes the right wheel to pull it off.
i like the wheels. not the best looking on a spyder tho. otherwise it would have been gorgeous with a drop.. keep it up tho! i wanna see how your car will turn out, hope you pull off the unusual look.

good luck!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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