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update 18FEB2019
i would say a lot has changed since i started this thread lol
The Mivec swap was done and engine built, than i drove it acrossed the US. so currently at the Fab shop getting the turbo "KIT" done. full custom manifold to a twin scroll set up.


Wiseco 96MM Pistons with 1MM over sized Valve pockets(.0045 piston to wall)
Spool Import H-Bean Rods with ARP 2000 Bolts
VR4 ARP 4 Bolt Main Studs
ACL Main STD Bearings
ACL Rod STD Bearings
ACL Thrust Washer
Cometic .045” Head Gaskets
Blocked Zero Deck
P&P Heads
Gasket Matched intake manifold.
S90 74MM Tb with evo sensors
GSC 2Jz Viton Stem seals
Custom 6G74 fuel rails
SpeedFactory 2JZ Titanium Exhaust manifold studs

Mishimoto Alum Rad.
Mishimoto Blue Silicon hoses with 1/8th Adapter Bung
Mishimoto Dual Pusher Fans with Electric Fan controller
Boston Hatcher Rad support mounts

Twin scroll 6766PTE
EVO ETS Front mount intercooler
Duel 38mm Tial Wastegate
Tial 38mm Bov
Full custom turbo “kit” By Limitless performance

*Fuel System*
Custom -8 SS Fuel Feed
Custom -6 SS fuel Return
1200cc injectors
Fuel lab FPR
AEM Flex Fuel Sensor
Walbro 450 pump
12gal Radium fuel Cell with dual 450 E85 Pumps
Radium 100m inline fuel filter with heat exchanger mount

FULL Custom Wire Harness
Motec Firewall 61 pin Plug
AEM Oil Pressure sensor and Gauge
AEM Coolant Temp. Sensor and Gauge
AEM Tru Boost with Boost Sol.

*ODD and INS*
ABS Delete
Cruise control Delete
Evo Stainless steel power steering reservoir
Battery Relocated
Fuse Box Relocated


Evo 8 Trans
Custom Adaptor plate to fit evo trans on v6
Evo 6 T Case
Front Evo Axles
Front Evo Knuckles
Front Evo Wheel Bearings
Custom 2 piece Driveshaft from Driveshaft shop
Rear GSX Subframe
Rear GSX 3.307 LSD
Rear GSX LSD Axles
Rear GSX Knuckles with Poly bushings
Rear GSX Wheel bearings
Rear GSX rebuilt Parking brakes
Rear Soild Subframe Bushings
Boston Hatcher Duel Diff Mounts
Evo SS Full Slave cylinder Line
Rear Volk Lower Control Arms
Rear Volk Trailing Arms
Rear Volk Toe Arms
Evo Soild shift bushings
Rear 3G upper control arm
3G D2 Coilovers
Rear upper DC sport strut bar
Full EVO Brembo Swap finished in Race Red
Stop Tech Slotted Rotors
Evos extended lug stud all 4 wheels
15mm STM Wheel spacer
GoodRidge SS Brake Lines
Clutch masters Twin Disk with custom Flywheel
CM Hydraulic throwout bearing
CM Hydraulic flow control valve
ARP Ford Probe long Flywheel bolts.

Stock body
Alloy Gas cover
Avid one AV-06 wheels
18x8.5 +35
18x9.5 +24

Sun Roof Delete custom cover
Front and Rear Windshield wiper Delete
Spare Tire tube replaced with custom Fuel Cell Box mount

Megan Racing Short shifter
NRG Quick Release
NRG Carbon Fiber steering wheel
NRG Tear Drop Carbon Fiber Shifter
NRG Harness Bar
5 point Harness
Red Fix Back Recaro SRT Seats
full Rear interior Delele


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I know SD ment speed density. I'm asking how are you going to go about setting up your car for speed density when it hasn't been done on the v6 yet

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Picked up my 6g75 today. Super clean. 79k miles. Will be doing a car fax on the vin and get the info. Happy day for sure.


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Got the motor stripped and unnecessary 6g75 parts off. Test fit the 74 parts before i get them painted. Almost ready for new parts to go on. The top front timeing cover doesn't fit. And the motor was missing that cover. So ill be getting one.


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Nice deff the best upgrade for your drive train. I have one on both my cars and I gota say it's the best investment I've ever done

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Nice deff the best upgrade for your drive train. I have one on both my cars and I gota say it's the best investment I've ever done

Yeah just ordering parts now. Got everything ordered for the lsd amd ordering a clutch this weekend.

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Curious to what clutch are you going with? I currently have an action clutch 1ms with Fidanza flywheel and honestly it's been a great combo for daily. not too harsh and has alot of bite
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