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My car has trouble starting.

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When starting, my 3.0 liter 2000 manual transmission eclipse turns over strong. While the battery is charged the car has no problem turning over. I have to pump the gas for my car to start. When running there is no loss of performance and no hesitation. It has a clean fuel filter and band new fuel pump. It has been recently serviced with new oil and filter plus new exhaust. Please help!
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So wats the problem.....turns over strong ok....
Maybe the new fuel pump is bad even tho its new.
Sorry I wanted you to know that it turned over so it's not a battery or starter. But my car won't start just with the key. You must pump the gas. I tried the flooring trick but that doesn't work. I have to pump the gas when starting which I find very annoying and possibly harming to the vehicle.
Hook up a fuel pressure gauge and see if your getting pressure...
also, I would like to add that it only has trouble starting if it sits overnight or more. if you start it within a few hours of running it last it starts up fine. I haven't hooked it up to a guage because I don't have one. I might just have to take it to the shop.
Try this first, when first starting it, turn the key to "run" (dont start) and back off. Listen for the fuel pump to kick in, do this several times, then try and start. See if it's better. Could very well be a weak fuel pump/regulator going bad. Welcome to the forum.
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