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Okay, so first of all I have a Mitsubishi Eclipse 03 GS, and I honestly love everything about this car. But, I'm always getting dogged on because its not quick, at all. I've gotten told I should sale it and buy something that's quicker. There's something about that car that I cant just sale it. So I'm making it my project car. I know its going to cost a lot, but I'm driven by all of my friends doubts. Anyway, Lets get too it.

1. it is an auto, so I want to do a conversion.
-flywheel bolts (7)
-front & rear adapter plates
-manual tranny pilot bushing
-clutch, pressure plate & throw out bearing
-clutch master cylinder & slave cylinder
-clutch medal & manual brake medal
-Manual shifter base assembly with the 4 bushings
-shift cables with bushings
-manual gauge cluster

2. I want to do the dohc head swap (kia)
-kia head with cams, springs, rockers, valves, retainers and lifters
-valve covers
-adjustable cam gears
-kia water pipe, thermostat housing and thermostat
-evo intake manifold, timing belt, fuel rail
-evo FPR, throttle body, throttle cable
-evo camshaft, reluctor and bolt
-tempature sensor adaptor
-head gasket
-valve cover gasket
-intake manifold gasket
-spark plug tube gaskets
-exhaust manifold gasket
-new ngk plugs

-turbo manifold
-oil feeds
- bigger injectors (550-650cc)

Now for my questions, Is the SOHC to DOHC swap even worth it? Should I turbo my car for now (after the conversion, I want the conversion done first) or do I wait and do the Kia head swap first? Also, if I missed any parts let me know! I am a senior in high school but am currently working 2 jobs, and have been wanting this for a while and im ready to start working on my project car (street) and making it "One Bad 4 Banger". :):yesway::drool:

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post this in the Performance & Tech Forum you should get some replies there & same here got a 01 Eclipse GS Spyder with 4 cylinder & 5 speed manual looking to make it faster over time
No. We don't need more than one thread on the exact same question.

OP, you posted in the correct area. Good job. To make this simple, do one thing at a time. Start with the 5 speed conversion. Then turbo, lastly dohc. But I hope you understand how much down time, money, and headaches you are getting yourself into. You will NEED a second car for this journey if you're serious about taking it. Probably about 10k too. To start.

Myself and a couple other members have done exactly what you're asking about.

To be honest though. You're a kid in high school. If I were you, don't waste your time, effort, and money on something so silly. Focus on college, save money for that.
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