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My slow seat time car.

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Updated as of 9/21/22

Here’s my slow seat time car for doing HPDE events and Time Attack. Mind you I DO NOT daily drive this car I may drive it every now and than to work but that's maybe a handful of times a year. It has basic suspension and engine mods, not looking to make any real power just a reliable weekend warrior. Its definitely a 20 footer car, looks good from 20 feet but anything up close you can see alot of dings, dents and overall wear and tare on this car. The car has been through hell and back and now is going through hell again. waiting to blow up the motor to do a swap. all mods were done by me.

Car weight as of 9-9-2022:
3100 with me and full tank
2960 without me

Engine management:
Haltech Elite 2500 ECU installed and running as of 9-7-22 running on speed density.

189K miles original engine
6G74 Intake Manifold
Custom AEM Intake
RPW long tube headers
Ebay N1 style Cat-back
Flowmaster muffler in place of my Catalytic converter.
Mishimoto aluminum Radiator
Battery relocated to the trunk
Engine fuse box relocated to trunk
All emissions deleted
All 4 boosted fabrications motor mounts
Vibrant oil catch can
3000GT fuel rail

Brakes and Suspension:
BC Racing BR coilovers 10KG front 6kg rear (these are default spring rates)
ST Rear sway bar
DC Sports rear strut bar
Front Evo Brembo calipers
Stoptech Evo slotted front rotors
Hawk DTC 60 front brake pads
Dynamic Friction rear race pads
SS brake lines

Ebay Depo style headlights
Certifit front bumper
AVID1 AV6 17x8 +35
235/45/17 Falken RT 660s
10mm front wheel spacers needed to clear the front brembos.
15mm rear wheel spacers
Trackspec hood vents

FIA rated NRG driver seat
Impact racing 6 point harness drivers side
Regular NRG passenger seat
NRG 5 point harness passenger side
NRG Seat Brackets
Autopower roll bar
NRG steering wheel and quick release
IRP EVO8 Shifter

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Car

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle


Hood Light Motor vehicle Automotive tire Steering wheel

Vehicle Hood Car Motor vehicle Automotive design

Engine pics before the Haltech
Car Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design

Engine pics after the Haltech
Motor vehicle Hood Vehicle Automotive design Automotive air manifold
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I applaud your efforts. A lot of people talk badly about these cars being FWD. You just have to set up a front drive car differently than rear drive. I have found a stiffer rear sway bar helps a lot. Mine is built for street, not track. A different set up, but the basics are the same. You can do a lot with FWD. ...J.D.
I found the stiffer rear sway bar helps keep my inner front wheel from spinning as much. If I had the money I would also go to a limited a limited slip diff. I still have some issues in the rear. Rough surfaces make the rear wheel "pogo stick" sometimes (my wheels are much lighter than the stock ones). I suspect I need to work on the rebound adjustment on my rear shocks. As mentioned, mine is for street use only so I cannot go to more extreme measures and still let my wife use it now and then. Just an old retired guy playing around. ...J.D.
What I experience with the rear of my car is not like bump steer. It is just an out of control isolation on the side rolling over a rough surface. I need to dampen the spring a little better, but only in the rear. I know what you mean about the car getting a " little floaty" at speed. I have even experienced that on the street in a few of my crazy moments. These cars try to fly above about 95-100 mph. The factory wing is just for looks. The trouble is most wings made for these cars are more for looks than they are useful. What is needed is something that is NOT TOO big but has either an adjustable angle of attack or a replaceable wickerbill. Pretty much needs to be hand fabricated. ...J.D.
You'll have to decide just how much wing you want. The more surface, the more drag. Mine has no problems with the front lifting, just the rear. I toyed with the idea of fabricating some risers to remount the stock low wing to raise it up and give it some angle of attack but I'm not going to change it. I have no business going that fast on the street. ...J.D.
I have the long cold air intake for mine, but they will not pass smog in California with it on. It is stored away right now. I am waiting for winter to hopefully get some work done on the cars and bikes. I own two houses so that seems to be all that gets worked on until the weather turns cold. ...J.D.
Did the professional mechanic gig until 1984. Went back to college and became an Operating Engineer until my retirement the end of 2008. I operated and maintained large high rise office buildings. Living off of pensions and Social Security these days. ...J.D.
Does your car keep up in this field ? What other vehicles are you racing with in your class ? I notice you are running Falkin's. I tried several brands on mine. Falkin, Khumo's. I am now running Dunlop DZ-102's. So far they seem to have the most grip. Tire life is a bit short though. ...J.D.
Of course mine are a street tire. But I was amazed at the difference the tire compound made. Another big change was when I went up 1" in wheel width and kept the same tire size ( 225-45X17). It spread the tire a bit and flattened out the tread. Made a huge difference. My tire diameter is almost the same as the stock 215-50X17's and only 10mm difference in section width, but the grip is awesome ! I want to stay with the 17's so as not to effect the drive ratio. I see about 1mph faster speedo reading at 90 mph. ...J.D.
I am an older guy. Lost the desire to make a lot of noise. I leave that to all the tuner kids in the neighborhood. I WOULD like to run a few SCCA Solo events though. Don't think I am up to any wheel to wheel action. Just an old guy that is still young at heart. Hard to find time these days. My life has too many different things going on. ...J.D.
I am old to @whtrabit so from one old fart to another I need to tell you to find the time and follow your dream . Not sure what SCCA Solo event would be but ... DO IT...
While we are speaking I need to correct you on your tire size ...You say you went up 1" in tire size and see 1mph at 90 .. Really ..the opposite is true.... look at this chart .. With old age I guess your mind is playing tricks on you .... Let`s call it a brain fart ... Tire Size Comparison
No. I went up 1" in rim WIDTH to 8.5". Tire diameter actually down, but only slightly. That was due to going from the original 215-50 to a 225-45. The lower aspect ratio coupled with speading the tire out a bit made the tire shorter. [tire is shorter so speedo reads faster. No brain fart on this end]. Probabily less then an inch though. Still using 17" wheels. ...J.D.
No problem. True, we all struggle with keeping the brain cells active. almost 13 yrs. retired. I have to have six things going at one to keep my attention. I miss a few things at times but I am fighting it for all I am worth. Beats the brain rot of sitting watching sports. Been some sort of a tech all my life. Have to keep the brain cells going. The body is falling apart.
Chinchooter11: I notice in engine compartment picture you have the factory tower brace. Did that come on the car, or did you add it ? I was under the impression they only came on the convertible. ...J.D.
Does looks really matter ? I agree it could use a better wing. I have that same one. It is a do nothing piece of plastic. I do not have much complaint with the front aerodynamics. But the rear tries to fly if you push it too fast. Need to get all the aerodynamics sorted before you take it to the painter. ...J.D.
The less aerodynamics you have to add the better. More wing, more drag. Your coupe is probably a little better that way than my Spyder. I would like to find a effective wing that will bolt right in to the original mounting holes in my decklid, but I don't think anyone is making them. ...J.D.
These guys have aftermarket wings ....
A bit pricey...J.D.
In all honesty, I have no reason other than aesthetics to change the wing on my 3g. It would really have no effect below about 90-95 mph. Mine is a street only car. Yes, I have had it WAY faster than that a few times, but I have to resist that urge with all my might :censored:. ...J.D.
Looks like you are having fun out there. That is the real objective. ...J.D.
Not getting much done on my car or my bikes yet this year. We had a early cold spell so I had to go up and winterize my cabin this week. Drained the water system and installed a low temperature thermostat to keep things from freezing. No more than got home and I got a message from the power company that the power went out up there due to high winds. Guess I'll get to do some shop time as soon as the winter settles in. Sounds like you are having more fun than I am right riow. Enjoy ...J.D.
Still the misfire issue ? Could be so many things. Weak coil ? Injector issues ? Low fuel pressure ? Hope you get it sorted soon. Kind of spoils the fun. Have a good season. Be safe. ...J.D.
Thanks for the video. I like to see people making a racing effort with one of these cars. My only question is a minor one: Is the location of the electric cutoff behind the license plate allowed by tech inspection ? I would think they would insist it be in plain sight and labeled. ...J.D.
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