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My slow seat time car.

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Updated as of 9/21/22

Here’s my slow seat time car for doing HPDE events and Time Attack. Mind you I DO NOT daily drive this car I may drive it every now and than to work but that's maybe a handful of times a year. It has basic suspension and engine mods, not looking to make any real power just a reliable weekend warrior. Its definitely a 20 footer car, looks good from 20 feet but anything up close you can see alot of dings, dents and overall wear and tare on this car. The car has been through hell and back and now is going through hell again. waiting to blow up the motor to do a swap. all mods were done by me.

Car weight as of 9-9-2022:
3100 with me and full tank
2960 without me

Engine management:
Haltech Elite 2500 ECU installed and running as of 9-7-22 running on speed density.

189K miles original engine
6G74 Intake Manifold
Custom AEM Intake
RPW long tube headers
Ebay N1 style Cat-back
Flowmaster muffler in place of my Catalytic converter.
Mishimoto aluminum Radiator
Battery relocated to the trunk
Engine fuse box relocated to trunk
All emissions deleted
All 4 boosted fabrications motor mounts
Vibrant oil catch can
3000GT fuel rail

Brakes and Suspension:
BC Racing BR coilovers 10KG front 6kg rear (these are default spring rates)
ST Rear sway bar
DC Sports rear strut bar
Front Evo Brembo calipers
Stoptech Evo slotted front rotors
Hawk DTC 60 front brake pads
Dynamic Friction rear race pads
SS brake lines

Ebay Depo style headlights
Certifit front bumper
AVID1 AV6 17x8 +35
235/45/17 Falken RT 660s
10mm front wheel spacers needed to clear the front brembos.
15mm rear wheel spacers
Trackspec hood vents

FIA rated NRG driver seat
Impact racing 6 point harness drivers side
Regular NRG passenger seat
NRG 5 point harness passenger side
NRG Seat Brackets
Autopower roll bar
NRG steering wheel and quick release
IRP EVO8 Shifter

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Car

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle


Hood Light Motor vehicle Automotive tire Steering wheel

Vehicle Hood Car Motor vehicle Automotive design

Engine pics before the Haltech
Car Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design

Engine pics after the Haltech
Motor vehicle Hood Vehicle Automotive design Automotive air manifold
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Thats too bad I'll send them a email to see if they are still around.

Thats good to know that it is not a direct bolt on because I had thought it was. I wouldn't mind obx headers (a few guys IK run those) which also need modification but are almost half price. How would you design your own system might I ask? My local exhaust shops said they don't install headers.

I feel that, always a struggle but hopefully you can find the time. I was actually dealing with a miss fire as well. Every time it rained / snowed the care would trip a miss fire code but ran fine. One time it rained so hard the car actually started and was miss firing at idle for a minute. My mechanic and I diagnosed that when moister gets into the distributor it causes the code and when bad enough can cause a miss fire. After the engine gets hot and the moister evaporates the car works perfect. I have brand new ignition system (ngk plugs, ngk wires, distributor cap, rotor) so it is a flaw with the cars design. Not sure if this helps but thats my experience.

Thanks again for the info!
One set of headers that I was informed would work are a set of Magna 3.0L headers and they apparently bolt right onto the 3g head and don't need any modifications to fit. Although, you would still need the O2 bungs to be welded onto it as well just like the RPW ones would.

Now, how easy it would be to find a set is probably not gonna be that easy but it is another avenue if you choose to pursue that as well as they seem to be one of the best headers out there! Or if you can't do that, DNA headers will probably be another option but these need modifications like the OBX to fit properly too as far as I know. Reason I say this is because eventually I will be buying headers for my Eclipse as well and I was looking into this stuff also. Let us know which ones you choose to go with!
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The cut off isn’t required in plain sight for HPDE events or time attack. Now for door to door racing it is required with a bunch of other safety stuff to go along with it. My car is still considered a street car.
Now, one thing I've always wondered with these cars is how well they would perform compared to the 2G guys when it comes to a full time attack build. Meaning, I wonder how these cars would compete if someone actually went the distance ad put some crazy aero, made some decent power and actually tried to compete in the FWD or possibly AWD class against other high performing Hondas and older gen Eclipses. Because I have a feeling these could possibly keep up but idk since most 3G track racers only seem to do the street class Auto-X or do drag racing. I mean, do you think it may be able to be just as competitive if we dumped some good money into these and sent them on the track or am I going crazy cuz I seriously think its got it in the 3G!
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This is kinda a miss conception at least in my opinion. They may seem big and bulky but really I don’t think they are that heavy. Mind you I haven’t weighed my car yet or had a corner balance which I need done. So I couldn’t tell you the weight.
I can also agree with this as well.

From what I've gathered, curb weight on the 00-02 model GT's have less weight than the old GS-X' (97-99 in this case). GT's weigh in at about low/mid 3000's and GSX' come in over 3200lbs+ almost 3300lbs and the 03-05 GTS models are indeed heavier and closer to 3100lbs+ but still somewhat lighter than the AWD Turbo counterparts that everyone can't get enough of.

The only reason I think it may seem "porky" perhaps is just because of the naturally softer suspension setup it comes with stock which makes it look like it's not as tight of a handling car even when modded. Which I also believe is a misconception as well. Although, it may have a little bit more body roll since it's got more weight up front with the V6 and all. That, and only the front wheels are powering the entire car unlike using all 4 wheels on the 2G model. That and the body design is naturally bigger looking than the 2G if we are being honest lol
Sounds like you've owned a bunch of go karts. Typically a lot of cars weight around 3000lbs. I think S2000's weigh 2800lb, even 350 or 370z's weight between 3100-3500lbs same with M series BMW's depending on trim model. 3Gs aren't to far off of typical weight and can be competitive. When I had Tom O'Gorman (pro driver) drive my car which it was his first time driving this model Eclipse he said it was very stable and predictable and that was because it has a bit longer wheel base than most FWD cars. I really think our cars are very underrated for being a track car but Im hoping I can kinda change that with the way I want to proceed with my car.
The way I see it, it's in some ways comparable to it's competition at the time which was the Honda Prelude 5th Gen for a year or two (00-01). They seem to weigh just as much and have really strong handling characteristics which the SH model with the ATTS got best in class handing for a 3000lb car for Car and Driver? I don't remember exactly but it was definitely a top performer despite being one of the heaviest Hondas of the time.

The 3G I have a great feeling is very similar to that but just less popular and no sort of torque vectoring system to help it take corners and distribute power to the wheel that has less coming through it (though it would've been cool if it had one!) Also came with 200hp just like these did too.
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My son races Solo SCCA. He ran the Porche 914 that I used to own. Most of the work on that car was done here at my place because he was living at home then. Since it was a low budget car you get to the point where you either have to build horsepower, or strip off weight to be competitive. Stripping weight is cheaper. It evolved in to an all out racer. He later went on to bigger and better machines. ...J.D.
Some say, weight reduction is better than just adding power simply because the lighter it is, the more you can use the power you already have since it doesn't have as much mass to move around! Good call. By the sounds of it, I have a great feeling you or your son would love to enter the Grassroots Motorsports $2000 Challenge. I've started reading their magazines since the beginning of the year since Superstreet isn't sold in paper magazine and most tuning mags I used to read are online now except DSPORT surprisingly, but I have noticed that what they do is they can bring any kind of car or setup so long as it was built and ran on $2000 or less. Some interesting builds were made like a low 9 second Chevy (yes you heard that right, low 9 second Chevy with a 5.3L V8) was able to dominate the drag the same way some low budget cars like Neon's mustangs and such came in top spots over the last 15+ years they've been doing it! I would love to enter it but my cars are going to be over $2000 eventually and I wouldn't want to do it with these ones anyways lol. I'd need another type of cheap shxtbox to do it with haha. You should check it out!
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Thanks unfortunately I’m not the first to do such things, people in Australia and Florida have been doing things with the 6G7 platform for sometime. I’m happy to make pushes in this time of not a lot of people posting unless it’s help on diagnosing a problem on the forums. Sometimes I wish I had Facebook to post more but I’m good with out any social media.
This is true but you must remember, the Florida guys are most likely the PR guys as they're a whole new breed of builders and usually don't share anything with the rest of us anyways and the australians are across the pond so they damn sure aren't sharing any secrets with us much if at all. So, don't feel bad because any progress we can actually track is good progress in my book!
This is the problem…. Just because these are a new breed of builders it’s ok to just be dicks when asking for help. And technically haltech is a Australian brand company they have been more than willing to help with the process, I’ve actually never know any Australian to keep one in the dark when asked for help. People just with hold info because they think they have something special that is worth money. Plus haltech has offices in the US that you can contact. I could be one of those guys and with hold info because I’m one of the “few” that had done this with the platform which I would never do but. To each they own it doesn't justify being a dick. I’ve contacted several people that are just plane rude and shot me down because of what I wanted to do or reasonings for why I didn’t take it a different route example ecu flash is all you need which I don’t believe in one bit but again that’s just me and what I see my car as. This is the reasons why this forum has died so much. Lots of toxic people. And including me I’ve left and only lurked for the past x number of years.

Trust me I definitely agree brotha, I'm not disagreeing at all. My point with that last post was that those guys never share anything and I think it's very stupid they do that because they make it seem like it's some giant secret to make more power when if they actually shared how to do it, we'd benefit SO much because the stuff they're doing would be able to help plenty more of us to get FAR further with our platforms since most of the Honda guys I see for example are in it to share all they got with each other because of the fact that our platforms in the Mitsubishi community could be so much further improved upon and faster in the game than they are if they just shared what they knew. But that's why we're at where we are at. It sucks they're being D-bags about it because it is literally no point in that and all it does is hold us back. So don't think I'm in any way disagreeing! I totally understand where you're coming from and you hit it on the head man.
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