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My slow seat time car.

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Updated as of 9/21/22

Here’s my slow seat time car for doing HPDE events and Time Attack. Mind you I DO NOT daily drive this car I may drive it every now and than to work but that's maybe a handful of times a year. It has basic suspension and engine mods, not looking to make any real power just a reliable weekend warrior. Its definitely a 20 footer car, looks good from 20 feet but anything up close you can see alot of dings, dents and overall wear and tare on this car. The car has been through hell and back and now is going through hell again. waiting to blow up the motor to do a swap. all mods were done by me.

Car weight as of 9-9-2022:
3100 with me and full tank
2960 without me

Engine management:
Haltech Elite 2500 ECU installed and running as of 9-7-22 running on speed density.

189K miles original engine
6G74 Intake Manifold
Custom AEM Intake
RPW long tube headers
Ebay N1 style Cat-back
Flowmaster muffler in place of my Catalytic converter.
Mishimoto aluminum Radiator
Battery relocated to the trunk
Engine fuse box relocated to trunk
All emissions deleted
All 4 boosted fabrications motor mounts
Vibrant oil catch can
3000GT fuel rail

Brakes and Suspension:
BC Racing BR coilovers 10KG front 6kg rear (these are default spring rates)
ST Rear sway bar
DC Sports rear strut bar
Front Evo Brembo calipers
Stoptech Evo slotted front rotors
Hawk DTC 60 front brake pads
Dynamic Friction rear race pads
SS brake lines

Ebay Depo style headlights
Certifit front bumper
AVID1 AV6 17x8 +35
235/45/17 Falken RT 660s
10mm front wheel spacers needed to clear the front brembos.
15mm rear wheel spacers
Trackspec hood vents

FIA rated NRG driver seat
Impact racing 6 point harness drivers side
Regular NRG passenger seat
NRG 5 point harness passenger side
NRG Seat Brackets
Autopower roll bar
NRG steering wheel and quick release
IRP EVO8 Shifter

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Car

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle


Hood Light Motor vehicle Automotive tire Steering wheel

Vehicle Hood Car Motor vehicle Automotive design

Engine pics before the Haltech
Car Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design

Engine pics after the Haltech
Motor vehicle Hood Vehicle Automotive design Automotive air manifold
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Another TNiA down and it was good with the new BC coilovers, opted to sign up for the advanced group and it was a lot better getting some open space to actually get some good laps in, not as much traffic but some fast cars. I believe I was the only one with a FWD car. I didn’t go any faster than before but overall felt very comfortable in the car. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to use my Hans hybrid as it came two days after the event. Glad I will have it for the next event which will be BIR on September 11. Some 245/45r17 RT660s will be on th way before the event, along with a alignment and some suspension bushings in the rear at least I’m hoping all of that will go smoothly.

I believe my last event I will be attending for 2021 will be Gridlife in October at road America this will be the biggest event that I have attended in a long time and I’m excited to see all the GLTC races go down in person.

Here’s one video I posted to YouTube of TNiA this past week. I’ll try and get the rest of the sessions up ASAP.

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I haven’t been able to use the Hans on track yet. I just did the adjustments I needed in car it feels pretty good not to much restrictions for viewing. My next event will be at BIR in September than grid life road amarica in October.
A little picture of half the crew that we usually go to track nights with. 2 Miatas and a BRZ missing another Miata and a Lotus. Sucks being the only FWD car but fun getting out on track getting some rips in.

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Looking great! :cool:

How are those Trackspec hood vents. Did you install them right into the stock hood? Are they good at holding the water passing thru?
I love the trackspec hood vents expensive but the quality is good, and yeah it’s on a stock hood. Not to sure about the water cause I haven’t driven in the rain when it’s been down pouring but In light rain it’s been good.

Road America should be a good track for the 3g. We race our stratus their a few times and it did really good. Our first time out there we lost our brakes though. Pushed the limits of the stock single piston caliper and had a failure in a 14hr race. After that incident we swapped to brembos
I’m excited and kinda scared at the same time for road America I’m glad I at least got front brembos it’s hard to find rears for sale. When I would run at TNiA last year I would get brake fade from my stock brakes so I upgraded right away. I just got my hawk DTC-60 brake pads, and my RT660s along with Megan racing rear control arms and trailing arms. Hoping to have everything done so I can get it aligned and tires put on.
I have some ok brake fluid some STR 600, next year I’ll change it out for some Castrol SRF it’s just to expensive when one bottle is 70 bucks.
Well back from BIR and lets just say the car needs work. First sessions went fine until the end when I started to get a miss first at random turns. went back out for the second session and would act the same. Didn't get much for a clean run or making a decent time but a 2.0 wasn't bad for the first time out. So right now the car is all torn apart was going to get the heads sent out to be decked and rebuilt but I found my crank gear, and reluctor wheel wasnt aligned with each other and the dowel pins were smashed together about a 1/4 turn from where it was suppose to be. so i hoping that was my miss fire issue at high RPMs. Weird part is the car ran fine got decent gas millage and the miss fire wouldn't happen all the time but again crossing my fingers this will fix it for Girdlife. So as of right now im doing all my coolant gaskets, water pump, timing belt, all pullies and getting the car back up and running. Heres some video from the weekend on my youtube channel was thinking of vlogging everything but man that takes time.

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Appreciate it. People will always dog on FWD cars its just a thing. If you watch any of the GLTC races some of the top drivers are driving FWD cars granted they are Hondas but they are still in the top 5. An yes set up for a FWD car is pretty much totally opposite of what you want for a RWD car. For a FWD car you want it to over steer a bit going into corners so you can get the car to rotate scary feeling when going at high speeds, so essentially you are loosing a bit of grip in the rear. Lots of people will actually disconnect the rear sway bar depending on the track you are at and you will see them get some 3 wheel motion when turning into corners.
Those GLTC Hondas are amazing. I have actually talked with those drivers and plan on applying some of their build ideas to the 3g
well if you got any trade secrets you’re willing to share that would be amazing, I’m always rooting for Eric kutil that man is one hell of a driver. Next year I plan on doing time Attack not sure how competitive I will be but gotta get my feet wet.
I found the stiffer rear sway bar helps keep my inner front wheel from spinning as much. If I had the money I would also go to a limited a limited slip diff. I still have some issues in the rear. Rough surfaces make the rear wheel "pogo stick" sometimes (my wheels are much lighter than the stock ones). I suspect I need to work on the rebound adjustment on my rear shocks. As mentioned, mine is for street use only so I cannot go to more extreme measures and still let my wife use it now and then. Just an old retired guy playing around. ...J.D.
Ill be looking at getting a LSD at some point. Nothing wrong with working on the suspension for street use, you want a certain feel when driving it daily I totally get that. has to have comfort if im going to be drive it a lot. Unfortunately for my wife she wont get the chance to drive my car since it now has a fixed race seat, she wouldn't be able to touch the pedals. with your issues in the rear, does your car want to jump to one side when you hit a bump, I use to have a lot of bump steer in the rear when I was on KYB AGXs with H&R springs always scared me when it would do that. Ever since I went to coilovers had K-sports before now on BC racing I haven't had that problem. The problem I have now is that the rear end feels floaty when at 100+ MPH. At BIR people go flat out at turn 2 110+mph I just don't have the confidence in me to go flat out. might think of getting a 9Liveracing wing.
Time to join the big wang gang, prob will be a mod I will have this winter along with a half cage and a front splitter
I would definitely get a LSD if you can that was a big game changer in my car. Cornering is more predictable
Sucky part is trying to find one manufacturers don’t make them as abundant as they use to, also you wouldn’t happen to know the OEM part number to the engine harness, I found a lot of my wiring is starting to crack and expose wire really close to the connectors. I would repin everything but I don’t know what pins are what for each sensor.
Well Friday was the last TNiA event of the season, and let’s just say I was 6 seconds faster with the new tires and brakes, unfortunately I ran that time with my car still miss firing. Good news is on my second session mid run it started to miss fire all the time. So I pull into the pits and I found one injector clip that had a wire broken, I’m guessing my intermittent miss fires was caused by that wire ready to let go and finally did. Upon further investigation I started to notice a lot of my wires are starting to get exposed really close to the connector. Here’s the way my engine looks it’s pretty stock but with a relocated battery and fuse box. When I had the wire harness out I depined a lot of the stuff I didn’t want or need. If anyone has any suggestions on what I can do to get my hands on some pins or if someone has a harness that’s in pretty good condition I’d be willing to buy it so off season I have something to work on. For gridlife I’m changing out all my injector clips along with what ever clips I can get my hands on from a parts place.
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I have the long cold air intake for mine, but they will not pass smog in California with it on. It is stored away right now. I am waiting for winter to hopefully get some work done on the cars and bikes. I own two houses so that seems to be all that gets worked on until the weather turns cold. ...J.D.
Yeah I’m lucky cause I’m MN we don’t have smog (who know when that will change) but I have the extension to make it a CAI just took it off cause this time of year we tend to get a decent amount of rain in the Midwest and it was forecasted to see some showers on race day last Friday. Prob keep it this way till the end of the year. I have a house but it’s a town home, been there since I was 18 so maintenance for me is pretty straight forward even though HOAs are kinda a rip off. It’s hard for me to find time to work on my car let alone work out of a 1 car garage, working over nights 4 days a week, and traveling back and forth from NY to MN every weekend (my wife lives in NY and I live in MN) but I just sacrifice sleep to do it after work or I’ll stay in MN if it’s something I need to get done ASAP. I know it’ll be asked at some point how I can travel every weekend it’s cause I’m a mechanic for a commercial airline. What can I say it’s the perks for working at one. Been doing it for the last 8 years and before that I was a car mechanic.
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Good video presentation and track videos! Keep them coming
Thanks, Ill try and do some Vlogs when I'm out at road America and a little more about the car. Until than here's some of the footage from the last TNiA

First session out Ran my personal best of 1.11.68 even with the car still miss firing. The car feels a lot more peppy with some decent power after figuring out my timing issue and no more loosing coolant after changing every single coolant gasket on the motor.

Second session this is where things get kind weird. I decided to just send it and keep driving hard even with the miss fire do I can do more checks, during lap 6 I completely lost a cylinder it wouldn't comeback. I go for another cool down lap to check my AFRs and they were between 13.1 - 14 not that bad, good part is it didn't go straight to rich or lean. I pull into the pits and find out that one of my injector wires for cylinder number 6 has broken off. Upon further inspection of all my injector clips I can see they are all starting to brake close to the clip. Exposed wire, some wire strands broke but still working. I decide to shove a piece of hard wire into the socket of the injector and wrap the wire around it held it on by electrical tap so I can limp it back home which worked great, got home and started to inspect all my wires. 20 years of old wire an you can really see the toll it has taken, I've depined most of my wiring so I can slide shrink tube over it to protect the wiring until the off season to take care of it in a more proper way. I really though I wasn't going to get to go to Road America but glad its something I can fix pretty easily, again crossing my fingers that this will solve my miss fire issues.

This to be fixed before RR
Finish all my wiring, changing out all 6 injector clips, coolant sensor clip, Crank position sensor clip, and MAP sensor clip.
Do a hardware check of all the nuts and bolts
Pull the fender a little more on the pass front.
Check for any rubbing areas in the front and address as needed. EX cut everything out that is rubbing
Change out Power steering belt along with the alternator belt
Remove all center caps (GridLife rules)
If it comes in time change out my coolant reservoir bought a Mishimoto universal one pretty standard and easy thing to install.

2 weeks is going to come quick but I'm excited and scared at the same time to get to another big track
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Does your car keep up in this field ? What other vehicles are you racing with in your class ? I notice you are running Falkin's. I tried several brands on mine. Falkin, Khumo's. I am now running Dunlop DZ-102's. So far they seem to have the most grip. Tire life is a bit short though. ...J.D.
At the TNiA events it ranges from vets, s2ks, lots of Miatas, frs/brz/86 whole range of cars but for the most part I can keep up to an extent. I’m not the best driver and don’t always take the best line but I push pretty hard. Fast people are running between 1.09 to 1.07 average people are around my time 1.11 to 1.10. The RT660s people are saying they are cheater tires the 235/45/17s I have are more like 240s they are a bit wider than advertised. But you gotta remember the RT660s are 200tw and the tires you have are 460tw it’s a huge difference in tire. I ran most of the season on 500tw tires an they are rock hard fun to drive with and you learn a lot from them but on a track they chunk pretty bad. Not to sure on the life span since I’ve only had them for 2 track days and about 500miles of regular driving.
Chichester11: I notice in engine compartment picture you have the factory tower brace. Did that come on the car, or did you add it ? I was under the impression they only came on the convertible. ...J.D.
They come standard on all GT and GTS models
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Some new pics of the ride out at the last TNiA for Minnesota. Wish my front bumper was the same color it would look a lot cleaner but overall I love how my car looks and feels. Thinking a front splitter and a 9lives wing will make it look a lot more aggressive.
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Does looks really matter ? I agree it could use a better wing. I have that same one. It is a do nothing piece of plastic. I do not have much complaint with the front aerodynamics. But the rear tries to fly if you push it too fast. Need to get all the aerodynamics sorted before you take it to the painter. ...J.D.
No looks really don’t matter as this car is more of a race car since I don’t daily it but I do like to look good while I’m on track I mean who doesn’t. I’m excited for this weekend at Road America as the man himself Tom O’Gorman will be coaching me and giving me tips along with using the Apex pro for lap times and data. Hopefully when he makes his data laps he will be able to tell me things that need to be worked on the car to make it a better more stable car on track. I do have a feeling he is going yo say I’m going to need more aero to help. My winter list of things to get for next year has already started once I have it all planned out I’ll post what’s in store for next year. Hoping to have a video posted of the weekend by Tuesday.
Well back from Road America and let’s just say car is still miss firing which is quite a bummer, I did get out on track 5 out of the 8 times. We missed out on the morning sessions on Saturday due to heavy fog that didn’t clear up till early afternoon, and I sat out the last 2 sessions cause I didn’t wanna chance my car blowing up or me going into a wall due to rain. Weather wasn’t the best only good weather we had was Saturday afternoon till track close Sunday was damp, humid and misting with some scattered rain. The whole weekend I saw 7 cars get wrecked most of them were going through the kink and one was right before turn 1. 3 of the 7 were GLTC cars and on top of that 3 more that I didn’t witness happen everyone was able to walk away from everything with no serious injury’s. Road America is no joke it was scary going out on track and trying to push, I didn’t even get close to what my limit of my car can handle.

I did have Tom O’Gorman drive my car and it was a huge eye opener for what the car is capable of, how late he brakes going into the turn, getting the car to rotate his exit speed. It truly amazing his ability to just hop into a car he has never driven and push it as hard as he did and make everything feel planted and stable. The bummer part is my go pro wasn’t recording and I didn’t have my track addict set up to see what time he was running. A lot of my gopro footage is crap becuase I hardly had any clean laps but I will try and put something together.

Road America is a very strict FIA regulated track, I got back flagged twice one for pointing people by on the out lap which is a caution lap and one for when I went back out I crossed the pit lane blend line to early. I guess Sunday morning they had a totally of 25 black flags on people in 4 sessions. Overall it was a really great experience and a lot of learning the crew I went with couldn’t have been any better it was a hell of a drive there and back home.

seeing as the season has now ended, I have alot of plans for my car all for the most part pretty basic things. I’ll post when parts start to roll in until than here are some pics of the weekend.
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