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My slow seat time car.

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Updated as of 9/21/22

Here’s my slow seat time car for doing HPDE events and Time Attack. Mind you I DO NOT daily drive this car I may drive it every now and than to work but that's maybe a handful of times a year. It has basic suspension and engine mods, not looking to make any real power just a reliable weekend warrior. Its definitely a 20 footer car, looks good from 20 feet but anything up close you can see alot of dings, dents and overall wear and tare on this car. The car has been through hell and back and now is going through hell again. waiting to blow up the motor to do a swap. all mods were done by me.

Car weight as of 9-9-2022:
3100 with me and full tank
2960 without me

Engine management:
Haltech Elite 2500 ECU installed and running as of 9-7-22 running on speed density.

189K miles original engine
6G74 Intake Manifold
Custom AEM Intake
RPW long tube headers
Ebay N1 style Cat-back
Flowmaster muffler in place of my Catalytic converter.
Mishimoto aluminum Radiator
Battery relocated to the trunk
Engine fuse box relocated to trunk
All emissions deleted
All 4 boosted fabrications motor mounts
Vibrant oil catch can
3000GT fuel rail

Brakes and Suspension:
BC Racing BR coilovers 10KG front 6kg rear (these are default spring rates)
ST Rear sway bar
DC Sports rear strut bar
Front Evo Brembo calipers
Stoptech Evo slotted front rotors
Hawk DTC 60 front brake pads
Dynamic Friction rear race pads
SS brake lines

Ebay Depo style headlights
Certifit front bumper
AVID1 AV6 17x8 +35
235/45/17 Falken RT 660s
10mm front wheel spacers needed to clear the front brembos.
15mm rear wheel spacers
Trackspec hood vents

FIA rated NRG driver seat
Impact racing 6 point harness drivers side
Regular NRG passenger seat
NRG 5 point harness passenger side
NRG Seat Brackets
Autopower roll bar
NRG steering wheel and quick release
IRP EVO8 Shifter

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Car

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle


Hood Light Motor vehicle Automotive tire Steering wheel

Vehicle Hood Car Motor vehicle Automotive design

Engine pics before the Haltech
Car Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design

Engine pics after the Haltech
Motor vehicle Hood Vehicle Automotive design Automotive air manifold
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Like he said, it's all how much you spend and where you spend your money. I keep saying I will take my car to the track someday as the majority of the money I have spent has been on the suspension. And to be fully honest, where my car stands is on par with an Evo in stock form with the ability to make the handling even more impressive should I get that far but cutting out some of the shock tower to run more camber.
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As a data point, my full interior 2000 GT weighed in at 3050 with about a half tank of gas. As I recall Larry who did some phenomenal work with racing prior to having health issues was in the 2800 pound range.
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Founds his thread... NEWER PICS FOR YOUS GUY'S!

Well bit the bullet & just pulled the air condition compressor & almost all the lines, (didn't feel like pulling the front end to get at the resevour, so just cut the small line).

i don't know who posted this a while back regards the weight, they saying 30+ lbs. but actually only weighs 20lbs. maybe the resevour adds 10lbs. (not).

anyway that brings me down to 290.5lbs according to my records.

may look into pulling the heater core! don't know what else i can eliminate?
any ideas would be appreciated! could of course redo the entire dash but thats getting to be to much.......
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