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2002 Eclipse GT 5 Speed
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Hello everyone! Long time stalker of the forum since late 2016/early2017. I actually just got my hands on this White Eclipse GT about almost 5 months ago after buying my Talon two weeks beforehand as it started knocking. Got it for a steal at $550 bucks and all it needed was a timing belt and water pump replacement but come to find out there was LOTS wrong with it that it needed to be freshened up some because there's lots of old parts and lots of stuff that just wasn't right with the car.

So far, all it has is this done to it:

6G75 Non-MIVEC Upper Intake Plenum

Stock 501 MAF (I have the 482 MAF but don't have the 3/3.5 inch intake piping to put it on, let alone the Tactrix Cable I'm waiting on to tune the car for it)

3000GT VR4 Fuel Rail

EGR Delete

6G74 Chrome Valve Cover

Ralliart Filler Cap

Heat Wrapped Radiator with Blue Accents

And that's about it as far as mods go for now that's currently on the car. Everything else is stock and untouched basically but I've got an ENTIRE build list for this thing starting off NA, then going straight to turbo setup. All on the same 3.0L we got, no swap needed since I've already got another Eclipse with one. I'm genuinely curious as to what these 3.0L's can be pushed to when actually modded correctly

Future Mods
Tein Coilovers

Evo 8/9 Enkei Wheels

HKS Super Dragger Exhaust System (GS-T)

Quaife LSD

Magna Headers

3/3.5 Inch intake piping (482 MAF Conversion)

Hood Spacers (For 75NM Plenum Hood Clearance)

Tune on 93 Octane! (E85 & Walboro Fuel Pump upgrade will come later)

I'll post more pics as they come but for right now, this is how she looks! Recently cleaned off the wheels the best I could have but so far I'd say a much needed improvement over how she looked when I first got it. I'll post those pics later on since I gotta go really far back to February to get them lol

Automotive parking light Wheel Car Tire Vehicle

Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Speedometer Steering part

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Gas Auto part Machine

Automotive lighting Automotive tire Hood Tire Vehicle

As you can see, not the cleanest ride out there, but could definitely be worse! It's got a long way to go still but for now, she is doing much better than what it was at first!
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