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Need Head/Turbo opinions!

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Need help and opinions, going for a money save/still power route, I believe now for sure I want to buy a 4g63 6 bolt *evo4*head and swap it onto my RS eclipse. Then I want to turbo it but would the tubes I'm looking for be the evo stock turbo or eclipse turbo? Need advice and stories, I've researched and 50/50 on yes/no for head swap some say it's a waste of money others say it's good, as long as I boost. Also need to swap out the tranny its an auto, want to swap that to manual. I HAVE done research even to the link that they always give to these advice seekers "" and have read it multiple times. But I'm still curious, I've looked at other builds with a 4g63 head and stock evo turbo. I just need help on where to get started and I know most parts I need but not 100% on all. I know for turbo I need, Turbo, downpipe flange, piping, intercooler, blow off valve, waste gate, dump/elbow pipe, oil return line, oil feed line, fuel pressure regulator, boost controller, oil catch tank, turbo timer and gauges. Just want a push in a good direction. Wanting to start my build soon and start collecting what I need! Thank you and criticism is welcomed, I am also still looking at other peoples builds and more research but your input is completely welcome!
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Why this is still discussed in multiple new threads is beyond me. Everything that has been asked has been completed by members numerous times on here.
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