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Need Help, 5 speed owners chime in

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Ok so I have a galant that I swapped to 5 speed way back when. I used an 01 GS tranny and a 2g fidanza flywheel and ACT clutch. When doing this I had to remove that pilot bushing in the end of the crankshaft because there was no provision for it in the flywheel. With that being said, now I have just purchased a fidanza flywheel for a 3g and it has a large hole for the pilot bushing. Do 5 speed cars from the factory come with this bushing as well? I was under the impression it was only in auto's, but since my flywheel has the hole for it, im guessing they all have it. Now my dilemma is I have a fully built motor in the car with no pilot bushing and a flywheel that needs the damn bushing to center itself. Anyone with any helpful input, chime in.
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i work at advance and i think we would have one

It looks to me like the 5spd does have one. Also, do you have both adaptor plates?
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I dont have any type of adaptor plate. There is an adaptor plate that goes between the the crank and the flywheel and another that goes between the flywheel bolts and the crank? I dont understand how this can be. If you run a 2g flywheel without those plates (like i have been for months) and run a ACT 2600 clutch, it rubs inside the bell housing on that round "nub" that sticks out in there, and the spacing between a 2g flywheel and 3g is about 5/32's of an inch if running both flywheels without that plate, if I add the plate, the plate has gotta add at least 1/16", which makes the clearance less and less. Anyone else here running a 2600 clutch and having it rub? I gotta get this figured out.
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