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First, a little background info:

My car is a 2001 Eclipse GT, automatic trans, 60k miles. I'm running Redline C+ synthetic tranny fluid, it has 10k miles on it, but literally looks like it came fresh out of the bottle still. I also have an aftermarket tranny fluid cooler. Car shifts GREAT (upshifts and downshifts), I'd honestly say it shifts like it's fresh outta the factory, or even better.

Now for the problem: At around 20-35 mph, when I take my foot off the gas pedal there's a very slight jerk I can feel. There's no noise that accompanies it, it's a very soft, yet feelable jerk. This jerk only happens when I take my foot off the gas at low speeds, not during shifting or any other time.

Is this considered torque converter shudder? And if so, what probably needs fixing? Thanks!!
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