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need help dressing up engine, 00 2.4l, any ideas

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Heres what my engine bay looks like right now. I would like to dress it up, but not make it look ghetto. I am goin to get tearstone billet reservior caps, but i am looking for some ideas

If you have a 2.4l engine bay that you think looks good post some pics for ideas, i would greatly appreciate it.
I can't wait for the DOHC head swap and 16G turbo kit to be in there :hbang:
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buy a strut tower brace in a color.

you could spray the plastic components like the fuse box cover, radiator mounts, etc with a color you like.

RRE sells a kit that changes the color of you engine hoses, they offer 2 Kits, one is $20 and the other is $40, the $40 covers the throttle cable and hood prop too.

Buy an intake, they come in red, silver, and blue from AEM
Injen has colors too.

Paint your Valve Cover
Not to be mean, but did you look at the picture, i have a maroonish red aem cold air intake, but i appreciate all those suggestions. I was looking for a hose kit just couldnt fin a good one thanx.
A little engine paint goes a long way.
<--look at my avatar
Paint/Powdercoat some stuff
Oil cap
Do somthing about the wires near your battery
my bad bro
pics get blocked on my work firewall, that would be why I missed the fact that you had an intake
i haven't seen one, and don't know if it's worth it or do-able. but you want ideas, so how about do an engine bay tuck? ;)
I would buy some silicon hoses, and replace the black/rubber ones
mask off the engine and get some clear shot on the paint visible so its got gloss just like the rest of the car. that makes a HUGE difference in how things look. have the intake manifold painted either silver to match the valve cover or a glossier black. basically make it all glossy and clean looking. get nicer looking battery terminals or a cover for the top of the battery/terminals. hit all the black plastic with some detailing spray (use silicone spray lube if you're cheap). get a nicer looking radiator hose set. paint the trans a color, match it or paint it silver/gloss black. etc etc lots of things you can do to make it look alot better.
i haven't seen one, and don't know if it's worth it or do-able. but you want ideas, so how about do an engine bay tuck? ;)
not to sound stupid or anything, but what is an engine bay tuck? Also the car is getting painted candy apple red in the next few weeks, so im gonna see if the guy can mask off the engine and paint the engine bay, i hate to take out the motor.

Now heres my next question, i have a guy that powder coats but do you all think i should powder coat like my valve cover cady apple or almost chrome. I did chrome on my movistart 600rr honda and got alot of compliments. If it helps i have chrome rims and door handles, but i kind of want an engine bay thats easy keep up where i live out in the country.

Another question do you all think that a bright red hose kit including radiator hoses would look gay with a candy apple red car, cus thats the only colors i see that would look good, or a silver hose kit, but they dont make silver raidator hoses. I could go obx black radiator hoses if i went with a silver engine bay hose kit.

IDk i just want the engine bay to flow with the car, soon it will have the kia optima head swap and hopefully 16g turbo so im gonna redo the engine bay when i do the headswap. I don't want to powder coat the stock valve cover then switch heads.

Any ideas on what to do with the stock wires goin to the battery i thought maybe getting a big red wire loom instead of the small stock black ones.
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^wire tucking.

gotcha, i think im gonna try this. Is there anyone on here with a 2.4l that has done this and have any siggestions on doing this.

I realize moving the battery to the back will look way better, but are there any ideas on moving the fuse box?
moving the fuse box takes tons of patience and you have to label everything that you cut. also if you hook one wire up wrong that could fry your ecu.. im not saying its impossible but its as good day long project.

for all the work and sweat id just leave it where it is and just make it look good.
look around and figure out whether it is worth doing or not. a friend of mine did one for his honda, took 40 hours for the first 80% of the work...
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