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First off Thank you to anyone who can help me with this issue.
I am beyond stumped on this one.

A week ago I had taken the center console out of the car to figure out where a water leak was coming from. As part of this work I also took the stereo out and I disconnected the battery. Both positive and negative.
The car sat for 1 week disconnected from the battery.
the other day i put everything back together and now the car will not start.
I have a manual transmition if that matters.
I am able to turn the key I get full power to the car, dash, doors, windows, stereo, etc... Though when I try to start the car I can hear the starter turning but the car will NOT start.

I had a professional mechanic friend come over and help me try to figure this out and he got stumped also.
We are not getting any power to the fuel pump or the spark plugs when I turn the key. WHY could this be happening????????
We checked every fuse and relay, they are all work.
The best idea we could come up with is that from some reason either the factory security system has locked out the car, or something happened to the ECU that is blocking the car from starting.

Thank you for your help.
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