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need help

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i have an 01 gt that needs a new throttlebody and i need to know whats the best to get?
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Best? How much can you spend?

Realworld I would suggest a 2002 Diamante's throttle body (with or without traction control but without would be ideal I think). It has the widest opening I know of... But you may have to swap in a Diamante manifold as well (which I recommend). I'm not positive if the TB's valve will open 100% due to the GT manifold hole being smaller. You'll get the max benefits (increased volume of airflow into the engine if I understand it correctly) by replacing both anyway. Shouldn't cost you more than $300 total. Maybe as little as $125 if you are not in a rush. There is a how to about the D's manifold and TB. Just search for it.

List your other mods, if any. And welcome to the club newbie! :wavey: I see this is your 1st post... :ubernin: Note: It should have been posted in "GT Specific" section of these forums.
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