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need more bonding time!!!

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today i wetsanded my headlights (see previous thread) and i finally decided to put in my reverse glow guages that i bought 2 years ago lol.

so now i need some more bonding time with my car.. today was the most bonding i have ever done with this car and ive had the car for 3 years
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i suggest changing the light in the gauge cluster itself to match your aftermarket gauges. its takes all of 7.00$ and about 15 min
which light?? im driving to fl tomorrow and wont be back for a couple weeks while im down there im going to try to figure out how to reposition the wires so i can put my bulbs for my temp and gas back in.

also im trying to keep it kinda cheap im trying to sell the car. im taking a loss on what i owe so i dont want to have too spend too much into it
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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