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Need repairs on my 3G: Recommend please

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Need repairs on my 3G: Recommend please

How & where do I get my brakes replaced (yes.. started hearing that metallic squeaky sound). Dont ask why I let it get that far... I've been out of the country for months so lot of stuff gets left un done.

I am currently off I-10 & Dairy Ashford. Any recommendations or should I just go to Just Brakes for a quick one.

PS: Also need a recommendation to go for replacement of "WAY OVER DUE" O2 sensor - This could be in Houston or even Austin or Dallas. How much time would that take to get replaced? Parts & Labour?
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Brakes aren't hard, don't goto Just Brakes they're rip off artist. I usually buy new rotors and pads about every 18 months, you can get everything at Orileys, AutoZone, Advanced...any of them. 02's can either be done at the dealership (call them for a price) or do a search for muffler shops and they should be able to do it as well.
o2 sensor is like 70 bucks, 70 for a harness. I'm in the stage of about to order one for myself. I'm not sure if i need new wires.
You can get the part at for cheaper than anywhere else (always go for the OEM type). It shouldn't cost more than 1/2 hour of labor for someone to put it in. Only Bank 1 Sensor 1 is difficult to reach. The rest are easy.
give me a call and i can help you out if you can come out to my place in hockley. If you need my number PM me
Advise: 6 Codes related to O2 Sensor

2000 Eclipse GT V6 - Stick Shift - 63,000+ or so miles. California Spec (original owner I guess) - currently in Texas.

So I started having this problem in early 2006. I know all of you guys who love their cars are gonna hate my guts for neglecting this, but truth be told I've been ON THE ROAD too much to even take care of more important things than the car. Lost a lot of personal connections, quality of life.

But, Ive done the best I could to try and help a dear friend here from Houston who is no longer active on 3G boards. Great guy, nice heart, bad time. I wish him the best and I hope the times we've spent hanging out help him in the future.

Apologies to car lovers :)

2006: EARLY
I was gone out of the country for 2 months. When I come back I see the Service Engine Soon Light on. I go to Autozone as instructed here - LINK:

I get this code - P 141 - (Bank 1 Sensor 2)

I drive it and get it checked again sometime later and get the same.

2007: DECEMBER 1.
I go get it checked again: P0141.

2008: MAY 13
This time for some reason it fires a different code. I guess I'll go reset it and try to see the code again and confirm if its 0141 or 0155.

2008: MAY 20, MAY 21
20th evening we find that there are multiple codes. Its firing 6 codes. I reset it and went back on May 21 and not even having driven the said MILES and next morning another visit to confirm and it shows 6 codes - 2 x 3 Codes.

6 codes, 2 of each of the following 3:
P0135 O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1 Sensor 1)
P0141 O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1 Sensor 2)
P0155 O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction (Bank 2 Sensor 1)

Now the Autozone guy mentioned that the O2 Sensors are firing but you might need a proper DIAGNOSTIC to really figure out what the issue is.

- I am trying to wrap up & leave the country in 2-4 weeks for good - Dont want to put too much $$$ into it
- Its scary to drive around without an inspection sticker
- I'd like it fixed without being CHEATED by a SHOP
- Hopefully, the car will sell at a decent value

I need to know if these codes are a DEFINITE or do I need a DIAGNOSTIC. Would that really help? How much would a Diagnostic Cost?
What kind of Labor am I look it in getting them replaced? $$$?
Parts - I see that oxygen sensors has been recommended.

I read that there is some way to cheat the Sensor by replacing with some Diode / Resistor etc. Not keen on that but open minded to that.

Please do let me know all possible alernatives.

PS - I am NO GOOD with CARS so a DIY advise will mean Im gonna ask for your help.

PPS - Last weekend a buddy of Sean (SuperGT) did me a HUGE favor by replacing my all 4 brake pads. I cant thank him and Sean enough for saving me from JustBrakes & BrakeCheck scamsters. Dont know if I want to bother him again. :D. Actually I'd much rather pay them or someone KNOWN & TRUSTED than some random shop.

Thanks in advance.
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give me a call and i can help you out if you can come out to my place in hockley. If you need my number PM me
Got your PM. Thanks. Updated Information on the O2 Sensor F-Up.
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