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Need someone's Expertise

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Do you think this fender can be saved? Is it possible in your opinion to have this fender starightened? I am gathering a poll so to speak- I am anxious to get opinions- Someone caused a 4 car collision and I was involved. I know I will need a new front bumper, but if the fender can be saved then the paint work can be adjusted. I have appointments set up for this Friday, but I have been told by a professional that the airbrush and custom paint cannot be duplicated. That includes the custom blue. I bought the car with this paint job- so unfortunately I don't know who did the work originally. Let me know what yah guys think- I hope the paint can be saved somehow and not make it look like crap. If anyone knows some good boodyshop guys in Seattle Area please pm the info.Thanks

Pic of the car before the damage-

And After-

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The fender isn't really that bad off shape wise, I would say you can get it hammered right back into shape, and if you can match that baby blue then it shouldn't be that hard to fix it I would think.
yeah thats more of a bumper fix than anything in my opinion
i think that you need a whole body fix on that thing
I honestly do not know why you would want to save that "paint work" but that fender is no problem for a good body shop. I say just get the whole car repainted while your at it.
I would call your insurance agent, and have it go to a body shop. :ageed:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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