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New BMW M3 vs BMW 135i vs Nismo 350Z vs S2000-S

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For as much hype there is surrounding BMW, let alone their new M3, I was expecting it to really work the other cars as it costs almost double as what it's competition does, on that note the 135i is a slick little car, but it's ugly to me, but it looks like it handles itself nicely against the now bloated M3. Oh well, the BMW press machine (American automotive press) will delude all of you into thinking the new M3 is like mans discovery of fire. :agreed:

BMW M3 vs BMW 135i vs Nismo 350Z vs S2000-S Drag & Slalom

Five Lap Tsukuba Battle: Video
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Damn the 135i keepin up with the M3, and its also not that expensive. Seems like BMW's new tuner car.

NVM, I saw the 128i not the $35K 135i. Still better then the M3 I guess.
WTF happened to the honda? :lol:
VTAK broke. :wiggle: Nah, just that track layout wasn't in favor of the Honda. It kept up fine in the corners, but the gaps widen on the straights. Too much difference in horsepower.
FYI, the S2000-S in Asia is the CR (Club Racer) edition here in the States. It has tacked on aero parts, a hardtop and revised suspension but no engine tuning e.g. it has to make due with the same 237 hp. It is a shame, really, that Honda didn't put more effort into boosting output.
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