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New car!

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Shes my new baby! Forgive me for some of the dirt on the back of her because I live out in the middle of nowhere...

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I like it! I have always liked those. But I am kind of disappointed in the engine bay, it isn't as "dressed" up as I thought it would be. But you gotta love that supercharger!
Nice. My buddy picked one up last week in black. Not a SS tho. He did however end up with the premium wheels with it.
My friend has that car! It's a sweet ride. He already dropped it and painted the interior plastic part of the headlights and tinted the rears. It's a great car bro! Enjoy it!
there ok cars, i just don't like the shifter or the throttle response, but that's what stage 2 is for right :bigthumb:
but that's what stage 2 is for right :bigthumb:

Thank you all for the compliments! I really do enjoy this one!
For some reason I always thought the SS shouldve been a RWD car, though FWD makes for better highway pulls I guess. Nice car anyways.
Nice, but that is one long antenna. That would be one of the first things i would change.
Congrats on the new ride. Those seats don't look very supportive though and change those wheels when you get the chance.
Congrats! Never was a fan of the cobalt. But its all about T&P.
Should have waited for the newer turbo version. Oh well, congrats anyway.
I like those cars. Hope you enjoy it. I had a Friend who had the Regular SS model. Be gentle with that Transmission.
Congrats on the new ride.:twothumb: Those are fun little cars. I test drove one last year. I was impressed with how much pull it had. Definitely faster than my GTS.
Congrats for a Chevy :yesway:
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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