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So I put together a new computer since my windows 7 computer is getting extremely long in the tooth. I decided to get an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 as the processor, an overkill X570 board, and a cheap RX570 video card. I like the motherboard and the processor, the ram is that GSkill Trident RGB stuff because I thought it looked pretty and now RAM is cheap so that's cool.

I bought some cheap Cooler Master Liquid AIO, a 240mm model, again with lots of RGB and it was confusing to install, as it had about zero documentation, just some pictures. Luckily my friend helped me out -- otherwise I'd probably have just used the stock cooler. Anyway, looking forward to the 6 cores and 12 threads that I can use that will help me multitask. I noticed that copying stuff and watching a video at the same time on my other computer is tricky, but is okay on this one. Of course I have way faster RAM. Right now have a few things to move over before swapping spots with these two computers.

Also, using SCDkey for the OS seems to work well.

The biggest pain so far was trying to get the media player to show up on the network with the new computer. Had to do something where you enable SMB1.0 on the windows features.
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