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I came to this site a few days ago to research a problem I have been having. I'll let you know later if what I learned worked out. I have owned my 2001 Spyder GT since 2005. I bought it used for a commuter car. Apparently it came from Las Vegas. It had been a rental car before it was sold at auction when it's lease expired. After I retired I kept it. It has needed some attention over the years. The suspension got to where it was pretty pounded. I upgraded mine to Koni adjustable shocks. A stiffer sway bar was also added to that package. In it's rental days someone curbed the right two wheels. So during the upgrades they were replaced as well. Now 17"X8.5" with Dunlop rubber is now in place. I am a retired old guy, so the engine is stock. Going to hang around this site for a while and see what pointers I can pick up. ...J.D.
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