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I came to this site a few days ago to research a problem I have been having. I'll let you know later if what I learned worked out. I have owned my 2001 Spyder GT since 2005. I bought it used for a commuter car. Apparently it came from Las Vegas. It had been a rental car before it was sold at auction when it's lease expired. After I retired I kept it. It has needed some attention over the years. The suspension got to where it was pretty pounded. I upgraded mine to Koni adjustable shocks. A stiffer sway bar was also added to that package. In it's rental days someone curbed the right two wheels. So during the upgrades they were replaced as well. Now 17"X8.5" with Dunlop rubber is now in place. I am a retired old guy, so the engine is stock. Going to hang around this site for a while and see what pointers I can pick up. ...J.D.
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I just brought the car out of storage this month. I had issues with it that 2 different shops could not find. It is now up and running strong after I found a bad sensor using my own scan tool. I am still waiting to see if I have resolved a P0400 code that kept popping up. I am going to give it another week or so. If it does not come back, I'll take it in for it's smog cert. I am a retired Certified Operating Engineer with previous experience in the auto repair industry. This thing is just for fun. ...J.D.
I took it out for a errand about sundown last night with the top down. Now I remember why I kept this car. After 3 years in storage, it has some issues to work out. Chassis is creaky. Needs some rubber lube. A/C is acting up. It's idle is still a bit rough, but it is settling down. I have other vehicles, both 4 wheeled and 2 wheeled, but this one is a blast ! One of the last of the 5 speeds !!! ...J.D.
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The local smog tech tells me I need to put some miles on my Eclipse before their system can certify it. I reset it's codes after some repairs. According to the tech it needs 100-200 miles after the codes are reset or the battery is reconnected. Too much on my plate right now to put the miles in. Been busy with other issues of life. The toys have to wait. ...J.D.
Not much getting done on this project. It is 111° outside and was 113° yesterday. (Today is the 59th consecutive day over 100°).Staying in and keeping cool. This may have to wait until the winter months. It gets cold, but at least I have a heated garage to work on it. Just been CRAZY HOT this year ! ...J.D.
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Fall / Winter project #1 - Insulation and an A/C unit!
All it takes is money
I think there might be room in the garage for my car too... I need winter storage
With 2 cars, a crew cab truck, and three motorcycles, I feel your pain. ...J.D.
Found some time to drive my Eclipse a little more today. It runs real strong but still threw a P0400 code again today. That along
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with a bit of a rough idle makes me suspicious of the EGR or it's related controls. Need to look in to this soon because I cannot get.the car smogged until it is fixed. ...J.D.
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Well, it happened again the other day. I had to go to the doctor in the next town north of us. I decided to drive the Spyder because it gets so little exercise. On the way I get caught on a light. The road narrows to one lane a ways ahead. Mr. Cadillac pickup truck slides up next to me in the lane that is ending. I think."when the light changes, I'll just catch him napping and slip away". NOTHING DOING. Mr. Cadillac Cowboy floors it ! At 6000rpm I catch 2nd gear as lightly as possible. I still get a loud chirp and it's ON ! I grab 3rd. hard and we are neck and neck. Old 3.0 winds to 6000 again and I bang 4th. I pull him by a fender length and he runs out of room. Damn car is going to get me in trouble. ...J.D.
Yup...Bad habits for sure. Been shifting gears for sixty years. I am faster on the draw at almost 76 than I was in my teens. but that much experience is a dangerous thing. Once in a while the reactions kick in before old age and wisdom says "Not a good idea". ...J.D.

BTW: I intentionally bought my car in white to not be noticed.
Finally getting back to the projects I WANT to work on this month, I have been going over the Spyder's EGR system. I pulled the EGR and tested it. OK there. I also cleaned the EGR ports with spray carburetor cleaner. I have replaced a couple of the vacuum control parts. Nice sunny day today with nothing to do, so I took it out for a test drive. Much better. The rough idle is completely gone. The stepper motor is now adjusting the idle speed as it should. I'll run it around a bit to set it's fuel trims, then take it in for a smog test. No P0400 code so far. Will be nice to have it back in service. ...J.D.

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Took the GT in for a smog inspection today. It PASSED ! ! Makes me feel good that I sorted it out. It had not been licensed since 2017. It is still a work in progress. Needs some A/C work. I think it will need a clutch sometime in the future, and I want to add a modern sound system. I also got it's alarm system and door locks working this month. Had a second key made but need to look into progamming it. ...J.D.
Mine came to me as a lease return way back in 2005. It had been a rental car, so of course the other key was missing. Already bought a key online and took it to a locksmith and had it cut. He says he can program it when I am ready. As for our local dealer, I would not let them work on my lawnmower. Don't know how much more I am going to do at this time. I have 2 motorcycles I want to get up and running before spring. But the 3g is running great !.:cool: ...J.D.
Now that the Spyder is up and running, I have some time to work on other things. I wanted to get this thing back on the road this winter too. Just started tearing it down today. Hope to use it this summer and give my other one a rest. Too many toys--Not enough time. ...J.D.
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I have 3 of these older Triumphs, but only one is running right now. The same illness that put my Spyder in mothballs did the same to these. I just kept one running and licensed. This year I am trying to get things back to as normal as possible. ...J.D.
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Well, I finally found time to put the Cold Air Intake back on the Spyder yesterday. After 400-500 miles it is settling down and running pretty smooth. The gearbox is also working a bit better. That 4 yrs. in storage was hard on it. It was hard to get in to reverse and the syncros for second gear were a bit slow. This IS improving but it might be wise for me to change the transaxle oil soon. Just another project to keep this old man out of the rest home :D. ...J.D.
I'm better looking :cool:...J.D.
Not really. The gent's name was Wilford Brumley. Pass away a few years back. Other than being🙄 a white man, balding and having a mustache ???? I guess you see what you want to see. You remind me of the guy looking for the steam cleaner. ...J.D.
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No offense. Just not real good with the idle chit-chat. No apology required. I am more of a tech than a people person. ...J.D.
YES...Back to the car talk "girls". I currently have a shop full of a British motorcycle in pieces but, I have tranny oil on the shelf for this. I always use the oil weight and class specified by the manufacturer. I don't second guess the petroleum engineers that set the specs for the application. I do not go by BRAND because that is dependent on what is available in the area. ...J.D,
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