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new member, new ride

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What up all, i already introduced myself earlier today, and here are some pics of my ride. I got this 2003 GTS last May, and so far mainly done repair work. Visually I got the windows tinted with FormulaONE tint and got the Grillecraft grille 1pc. And my dunlop direzza dz101, not the best tires in the world but they do the job. O! New NGK platinum spark plugs with BOSH wiring.

right now im thinking about getting dual halo projections headlights in black housing, and all red (stock) tail lights (anyone wanna swap?), and a CAI

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your ride definately needs to be molested!!!!!!!!
looks nice. that front bumper lip needs to be replaced though. other than that very nice.
Lookin good, Welcome!
Not bad for a stock GTS. But you need to take that NAPA sticker off your radiator hose!!
Not bad for a stock GTS. But you need to take that NAPA sticker off your radiator hose!!
boo napa
I have the all red stock tail lights if you want them $30 plus shipping. pm for pics.
Call me anal, but I really like the shape of the stock upper radiator hose compared to the after market ones made for this car in terms of OEM replacements.

So yeah, get to crackin' on some mods man. Just remember that your GTS won't handle forced induction worth a squat so you are on a long expensive road if you don't just retain a level head about what you are doing with this car.
Nice stocker. The engine bay looks very clean.
Thanks guys :D Got my aem cai in the mail, and so are my future headlights off ebay. i really want this car to look great, performance is not the top priority, otherwise i would have bought an EVO. Think stereo is gonna be next. Still tho header and exaust in a future. Dreaming about lambo doors and wheels in the further future.

What's your guys' beef with NAPA?
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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