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Whats goin on guys/gals. I'm from the "other site" been viewing this site for a while and now decided to register to this one to. I've got a 03 GT Sporty. My name is mike and from Illinois
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Welcome, I'm from the other site too. It's about time. I just intro'd yesterday.
Welcome! :wiggle:

Cubs or sox?
I don't really pay attention to baseball much. But if I had to pick I'd say sox.
Welcome Mike!! Enjoy "this site" it's a tad bit better!!:wavey:
Hey Mike! Glad to see you over here now. I know you know this, but the search button is your friend...
Welcome Mike!

I too am from Illinois, left 3 years ago! I do get to watch the Cubs & soon the Sox in Spring Training! For whatever thats worth? LOL
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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