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Newbie here from NJ

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How's it going? So it's my eighteenth birthday soon and I'm looking to buy a 3g. Hopefully I can find one of this site. I'm hoping to get a 5 speed but I can work with a auto too. Anything I should know before I buy one? This seems like a real nice website so I'm going to go read up. If you know anyone wanting to sell let me know. I'm looking to spend about 6.5k.
Thanks guys
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Hey welcome to the site. what part of NJ are you from.
Central Jersey right around Princeton
Welcome. Im from the maplewood/south orange towns.

Im 18 too and the eclipse is my first car. Its a really good daily driver. Its not the fastest car out there but it gets me where i want to go.
welcome :wavey: and good luck with the car search
welcome to club3g.
go to the for sale forum then go to cars for sale
good luck! im 17 and this is my first car. love it
:wavey: Welcome!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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