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No crank blowing ignition fuse when attempting crank

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I've searched the forum for a few days and not necessarily finding a clear solution.

With that said, I have a 2003 gs manual with 167,xxx on it.

The issue I am having is a no crank issue. I will turn the key and if I hold the key turned for more than roughly 5 seconds, the ignition fuse will blow. I've never had the ignition fuse blow on me prior to this situation.....

I went for a short drive to get some air in my tire and had to turn the car off to wait. After a short drive(before the issue)of 15 minutes or less, the car would not crank and would have to wait about 10 minutes for it to attempt to crank. It would crank rather weakly but enough to get started. Well after the fuse blew at the gas station, it would not crank what so ever. I managed to get the starter out and went to have it tested and it came back good. I read to check the grounds and terminals. The terminals look brand new with no corrosion what-so-ever, and the battery is tested good as well. I do not know where to look exactly for the grounds, I follow the negative terminal and I can't seem to find the points where it is grounded. To my knowledge, it is possible that there can be a short somewhere, however idk how to go about looking for it. Can anyone lead me in the right direction and or correct me where I may be wrong? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Unplug the coils and crank the car. If it doesn't blow the fuse with the coils unplugged you'll know that one of them is shorting internally.
So does it pop when the key is ON or only when you turn it to crank the engine?
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