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I have a 04 eclipse spyder gts manual with the stock original 6G72 with 247000 miles on it. About a month ago every once in a while the engine would mis a little( just assumed it was the spark plug so didn't worry about it) then I was driving down the highway at a constant speed and the car just decided to die. I had it towed to dealer, they said it was the fuel pump so I drove up there and put one in. Which that didn't solve the problem. Then I changed the distributor and it started up and ran fine for about a min. It idled fine but when I revel it up its like it would red line at 4500 and when driving it it had no power. 2 codes came up crank and cam sensors. So returned distributor and re-replaced it. Codes went away now still no power and shows a mis fire on cylinder six. 2/4/6 spark plugs and wires have Been changed. I checked compression on it cylinder 6 show 90 compared to cylinder 4 at 120. I'm lost on what to do next. Mechanic couldn't figure it out.
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