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No Spark???

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Its kind of a long story but i want to give you the most accurate desciption i can give you so maybe you can give me some answers. I have a 2000 mitsubishi eclipse GS. About two weeks ago my car started making a weird ticking noise. I was on the high way and i could barely hear it but when i got off and started to accelerate it was very loud. I decided to change the plugs and wires, but not the coil packs because i couldn't afford them. The car started up and sounded better so i took it for a test drive and i got about a quarter mile down the road and i stalled out. It will turn over but thats it. I then replaced the coil packs and still didn't get a spark. It's very frustrating because i bought the car about three months ago.
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What plugs did you use and what did you gap them to?

Sounds to me like this interminent ticking and your spark plugs don't have much in common, unless it was pinging on a hotspot on an old plug or something.

What do the old ones look like, you still have them? If so take pics and post them up, plugs can tell you a lot about how a car is running.

ok i will send you some pics. Last night my friend and i were working on my and every time i turn the key over to on(not turning it completely over) i get a weird buzzing from the top of the engine almost like something shorted out. The noise is coming somewhere near this little round gold piece. We opened it up but there was nothing in it but a spring. It has a vacuum hose hooked up to it? I'll send some pics when i get home. Thank you for helping.
Update: So i ran a code yesterday and it told me i need to change my crank angle sensor. I know its a common problem but i was just wondering how hard it is to change it and if i really do need to take the timing belt off to replace to sensor. My last question is how much do crank angle sensors cost(just so i don't get screwed on the price)

Thanks, chris
crank sensor i got was about $50 from Advance. You're better off to go to the dealer and get the blade too since it's only a $13 part and if it's messed up then you'll be doing the same thing I'm doing now. 4 crank sensors later I hope it's fixed after I do the blade today too.
Whats the blade? Can I find one on line b/c i don't have a mitsubishi dealership by where i live at.
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