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Noob Sub Question

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I have decided to go with 2 12" Alpine SWS-1243D subs. They are rated at a peak of 900 watts with a RMS 50-300 watts. They are 4 ohm. I am really cofnused as to what kind of amp I would need to power these things. Any suggestions??

Anybody have these?
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I Would suggest a mono bass amp that is 2 ohm stable and at about 600 watts rms as for brand depends on price range and what you like. I like MTX,Boston,DB DRive,JBL,US Amps,Infinity,and Kicker.If any questions PM me
Definitely don't go over 600rms. The amp brand is pretty much your preference. Just make sure it's a well known company with a good reputation. All of the brands dlorej123 mentioned are good. I have Rockford Fosgate myself, and I love it.
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