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I've had my 03 GT for almost 2 years now. When I got it the EGR was disconnected from the solenoid (the one with the brown plug on the left side of the intake) a month after I got the timing belt done and the mechanic had plugged it back in. Engine bogged hard and started stalling. It was choking it out. So I just left it unplugged for the time. Idle had been good, didn't drop to 700 RPM instantly but once I came to a stop (even in neutral) it would then drop from around 900rpm to 700rpm. Recently I discovered it idles even better, if I let the vacuum lines connect all the way up to where the metal line would have a rubber hose to the EGR. So now my lines go,

Intake port>hose>metal line>hose to solenoid on the left side>hose to metal T shape>round solenoid of some sort>metal lines that lead up to the EGR.

Idles way better, in fact drops to 700rpm once she's fully warmed up if I drop her in neutral at all. But what I been wondering is, is this an issue to leave it like this? I get the EGR p0401 code, but my MPG is about what most report, and performance seems great. The EGR is attached to the port it belongs but unplugged from the vacuum line. Is this fine? Will it hurt anything or cause internal damage? I've read about a breather as well but lack means to make one.

Side note: Plugging in the EGR is where it kills it. Prior to this setup leaving the EGR connected up to the solenoid on the left made the code not appear but idle was a bit worse. The EGR was removed and seems clean so if there is a clog it would be internal? Not sure how to clean that up. I'm sure I been letting in unfiltered un-metered air into the intake this way, but im unsure of the repercussions.
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