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I know that this topic has been covered many times, but all of the posts I was able to find were around 10 years old.

I have an 01 Eclipse GT that I'm doing an auto to manual swap on (I have another thread for this). I have all the parts I need EXCEPT the flywheel! I just ordered an Exedy clutch kit from RockAuto and now I'm needing a flywheel. I know that the Fidanza lightweight flywheels are some of the best but I don't have an extra $350-$400 to drop on a piece of aluminum at the moment.
Are there any other flywheel brands or options that'll work, hopefully around the $150 range? Any suggestion would be great, again I don't have the money to invest in a Fidanza flywheel at the moment and I'd like to stay away from eBay unless someone can verify that their eBay flywheel works well.

I'll be documenting the entire auto to manual swap from start to finish, so stay tuned!
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