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Oxidized Clear Coat on Wheel Lips

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I have a set of Racing Hart Evolution C5's and the clear coat of the lips is very oxidized and chipping. How should I go about removing it to put a new coat on? A friend of mine recommended steel wool, but would a very light grain of sand paper do the job fine? And also, would I need to remove my tires to apply the new clear coat? :scratch:
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when i redid some irocs i had to sand down alot because if you dont get all the oxodation off it will just come right back soon after. i sanded them then wet sanded and used some rubbing compound and then cleared them.
Do you remember what grit you used? Also, should I take the tires off the wheels? I'd rather not, and the side by the tires don't seem oxidized at all, but if it will make a big difference I'd do it.
Alright, thanks a lot for the help guys! Hopefully I'll be getting around to this during the coming weekend...
if you need any help or have questions pm me with your number. im always willing to give some advice
Alright, thanks a lot! I'm guessing you have experience with this sort of thing?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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