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Oxidized Clear Coat on Wheel Lips

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I have a set of Racing Hart Evolution C5's and the clear coat of the lips is very oxidized and chipping. How should I go about removing it to put a new coat on? A friend of mine recommended steel wool, but would a very light grain of sand paper do the job fine? And also, would I need to remove my tires to apply the new clear coat? :scratch:
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i would not recommend using any type of stripper it can cause adhesive problems. and fish eyes. if your starting new, start with 80 grit than step up to 180 320 500 than 1000 apply color and clear coat wet sand 1500, or 2000 and polish
if you are just repairing the clear coat use a GREY scotch brite (roughly 600 grit) to get most off the oxidation off than flatten it all out with 1000 grit and than spray your clear if you want a finish without any orange peel you can wet sand it with 1500 and 2000 than just polish them and your done and you don't have to take the tire off but i would
if you need any help or have questions pm me with your number. im always willing to give some advice
yes, i am an i-car certified body technician and i have over 5 years of experience. and ive been painting and airbrushing for almost 10 years
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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