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2003 GTS Spyder with 151,000 miles.

P0154 code been coming up for the last few weeks. That code is for the very top-front O2 sensor right below the TOP radiator hose.

Replaced the O2 sensor two days ago(with the battery unplugged of course), and now I have an P0155 code after driving it for over 200 miles.

Only comes up when I start the car.
I erase it, it comes back each time I start the car.

I believe that the NEW sensor isn't receiving a reading on time or something.
Has this happened to anyone before?
Any suggestions or solutions?
The biggest problem with replacing OEM parts with aftermarket replacement parts is that they do not match the OEM milliamp voltage and through off the ECM readings, creating a code from it not reading correctly, causing misreadings leading to codes. The OEM 02 sensors should be cleaned or replaced with OEM parts and run a bottle of catalytic cleaner, CAT-Clean, Sea Foam, and injector cleaner after checking the spark plugs and wires or coils to make sure the motor is burning up the fuel correctly.
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