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**This is a DP due to lack of response**

About three weeks ago my car had an obvious misfire (cyl 1). Checked it out with an Ethos and it threw two codes. CMP fault and Cyl 1 mis. It missed for about 3 seconds then went back to normal.

I checked the TSB's and there were none for the situation. I drove it (after the misfire from michigan to illinois) and it was fine. I scoped the ignition and the pattern checked out.

Until today. Started it up, idled fine, then when i put it in gear it started to mis again (camming sound). It did it all the way down the road.

I stopped at a food store, picked up some smokes, started it up, idled fine, and once in gear decided to misfire again. All the way home. I'm assuming it's a Cam sensor, but i cant work on it again til tomorrow.

Anyone have this prob before, or maybe shed some light on it?
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