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P0715 & P0325

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So I was just driving my car then it went into limp mode. No 1st gear and from 2nd to 3rd it slips really bad. But if I let the car sit for a little then there is no problem. But soon after goes back to limp mode. The neutral light does flash when in limp mode as well. So whats going on?

I know the 325 is for a knock sensor, but Ive never come across the 715 = Input/Turbine Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction

Any ideas?
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Wild guess but isn't that what detects the rotational speed of the shaft for your torque converter?
The first thing I'd check is that the vehicle speed sensor is plugged in and that the wiring is not damaged.
You have two sensors in the automatic transaxle. One on the input shaft, and the other on the output shaft. Older model 3G's also have the typical speed sensor on the differential for the speedometer. But that was eliminated on later model cars. It sounds like to me that your input speed sensor has gone out, or its just a loose connection.
Well I solved the problem.

Just replaced the speed sensor and solved everything.

The other day while taking a drive it popped again. I cleaned every electrical connector on the wire harness, and then drove it around. Worked fine for about 20 minutes. Then it popped again. So I replaced the speed sensor once again and after a 15 minutes drive it popped again. Ideas?
Is it possible you replaced the wrong sensor?
Nope I get the correct one taken care of.

I just took it down to Aamco and their diagnosing it for free. Little do they know Im not gonna have them perform the work. Ive got a race this Saturday so Ive got to get this thing running ASAP
If we are still talking about code 715 and you already replaced the sensor. Then I would perform a continuity test on the wires from the sensor plug to the ECU. Thats the only other thing I can think of since the transmission works normally otherwise. Have you tapped into any of the sensor wires for any reason?

If the wires check out. The only thing left is a bad ECU. (unlikely)
Well I dont have the tools or know how to do the continuity test. Wanna come over for some beers later tonight and help me out?
Im in Scottsdale now. Im just too lazy to update my profile. Hayden and McDowell area
hey do you have a part number for that sensor, or where did you get it? Also what was the end cause of with the P0715 error?
I have the same problem right now just went to autozone to scan the code... I have a question though is this have to do with the trans? I have a remand trans and I still got a warranty on it
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