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PA Meet

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Wats up. Im lookin to meet some new and old 3G members. We should have a meet somewhere in PA this coming summer. I live in King of Prussia. We can do a BBQ in the Valley Forge Park. If interested post up. Charles.
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how far is that from md? interested if its not to far
What city are you closest too? Pittsburgh, Harrisburgh, Philly?
im in annapolis, im thinking philly is like 40-45 mins. away
rshank said theres gonna be a philly cheese steak meet coming up in the summer. so just keep a look out on here and on our regional site for that.

I don't have a 3g, but I have a 4g. Lemme know what you think :p
Yeah, King of Prussia is outside Philly. I'm in Reading, so I'd be interested.
I dont have my 3g any more but i have a 1g eclipse......depending on a date i can make it
Wats up. King of Prussia is about 15-20 min away from Philly. Im down for the cheesesteak run in the summer. Keep me posted. Charles.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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