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Performance Mods and Styling for sale

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.45 trim T3/T4 Turbocharger, made 203WHP and 248lb/ft of torque to the wheels on only 7.4 psi, no shaft play, 400 miles--$125

custom downpipe clears AC, bolts right up to stock downpipe--$55

T3/T4 style manifold w/38mm wastegate flange, no cracks, bolts up fine and I kept my ac with this, 1,200 miles--$100

Greddy style BOV, 400 miles--$60

Godspeed FMIC, fits perfectly behind stock bumper, 1200 miles, night and day difference from the smaller core I had before--$125

Chrome Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator, brand new never used--$45

MAFS and High flow air filter--$35

High flow intake--$55

38mm external wastegate, 1200 miles, I lost the fire ring, they-re like 10 bux on eBay--$75

Custom AEM Upper Intercooler Pipe w/Greddy Flange, works perfectly and looks sweet--$95

Stock Style Carbon Fiber Hood--$250

Stock 4G64 Engine, I checked the bearings and they look great, good compression--$300

Chrome Housing Euro Headlights, Brand New Never Used, plug right into factory harness, hard to find!!--$200

PM me

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is it 300 shipped??? for the motor? Let me know I'm interested in it my zip is 79603
Ill take the hood PM me when you get this, we are also not that far away.
ship the hood?
sorry but no I can't ship the hood

300 for the engine, pickup only

the BOV is an eBay brand but worked fine and is 100% adjustable
if the hood isnt sold, i'll take it and pay the shipping.
alright, the hood will be shipped, I'll sell it to who will pay the most, PM me with your price by ten PM EST, right now it's 295 shipped, the payment must be made tonight and the hood will be shipped out tomorrow morning
Bro i want the hood man i live in Ohio so no shipping for you homie!!
hood still for sale $300-$315 shipped
hey man u probably sold the hood already but if u still got it lemme know and ill pick it up and pay 250 cash... im from the other side of pittsburgh pa... its about a 3 hour drive... but lemme know...
you PM box is full. is your maf still available?
also what brand turbo is that because im very intrested..
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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