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For our fifth and a half contest (contest 5 didn't go so well), we're going to do something a little different. We're going to do two themes.
FIRST - Holiday Photos - go out and take your best holiday photos and share the best one with all of us. This is wide open, and will allow people to shoot family, feasts, new years parties, etc. Just have fun - no real structure to it. These are due Monday January 7th.
SECOND - Using Damian's last theme, go out and take photos that represent any or all of the 7 Deadly Sins. The voting on this one will be delayed one additional week, so you have until Monday January 14th for the Sins. You can submit one sin, or 7 sins or any number in between...but you will be judged on your entire collection, not just one photo. I'll group them together for the voting.

I encourage everyone to participate. We all might learn some things and get some creative ides.

Here are the rules:

1) Theme - Listed Above-
2) Take as many pictures as you want that in some way incorporate the theme
3) Select your favorite photo and edit accordingly with post processing. Just remember, this isn't supposed to be a photoshop contest
4) Submit one and only one photo to [email protected]. I don't want to guess which one you want to use. You can send any size / resolution you'd like, i'll post them all to a smugmug to standardize the submissions
5) Include your screen name with your submittal so i know who is who (and don't worry, i'll keep email addresses private)
6) Photos must be taken, as part of the assignment, during the time period of the contest. Don't reach back into old albums just to get a good photo.
7) This weeks contest runs through Monday morning, 1/07. All submissions must be in by Monday morning to be included. I'll post all photos on Monday afternoon and voting will be open until Friday the 11th.
8) This is for fun, bragging rights, and perhaps some erep for a really nice photo, so have fun, and get out and take some pictures.
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